Defending Against Knee Defender: The Airplane Legroom Battle 4

On Sunday, a man on a United Airlines flight used a small device known as the Knee Defender to prevent the lady in front of him from reclining her seat, thereby claiming the maximum legroom. She complained about it, he refused to move it, and an argument ensued with a punctuary drink on the lap. The flight was rerouted and the two combatants were kicked off (though not charged).

Knee Defender Blocks Seat Reclining for More Legroom

This isn’t the first incident with the device, as you might imagine. In crammed quarters for long durations, the Knee Defender is the catalyst between short fused passengers.

The device is relevant to tall people in particular, for whom legroom is the most constrained. In fact, an earlier post on this site did a survey, and found that 1 in 3 people visiting this site would use the Knee Defender. That’s an astonishing ratio given the outrage this device creates.

Tall People, Insufficient Airplane Seat Legroom
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So, for curiosities sake, let’s look at the other side of the fence. If someone used a Knee Defender on your seat, what would you do?

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4 thoughts on “Defending Against Knee Defender: The Airplane Legroom Battle

  • Anonymous

    I don't recline my seat at all – personally I think its one of the most awful things one passenger can do to another. I don't see any comfort gains in it and all I see is passengers doing it because they can.

  • Anonymous

    The recline is only about 2 inches and I paid for that when I bought my ticket. If you're tall, ask first. You may be surprised at how accommodating people are. Try to force the issue with these gadgets and don't be surprised when you don't get any sympathy, you're just being a jerk.