Tall Life Paperback on Amazon!

I’m pleased to announce that Tall Life is now available in paperback! You can get it at the link below, or if you’d like, read the introduction first.

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Digital books are great and all, but there’s something much more gratifying about holding a physical book in your hands.

I decided to go with the on-demand printing company, Createspace, owned by Amazon. The great thing about on-demand printing, of course, is that you don’t have to decide on the quantity of a print run. As well, you can make corrections and have them updated right away. Both of these make it particularly well-suited to self-publishing, such as I did.

You might expect on demand printed books to be of lesser quality than mass produced books. But I really can’t tell the difference. In general, I’m thrilled with the quality of the book. The fantastic work from my artists comes out quite nicely.

I actually talk a bit about on-demand manufacturing in the book. It comes up because of the potential it presents for better accommodating people of all shapes and sizes, including tall people. For instance, when shirts are someday manufactured on demand, a lot of the fixed costs of producing many sizes disappear, and so companies are more likely to make tall sizes.

Tall Life Book Box

There are of course many different on-demand book printing companies. What I like about Createspace though is how well integrated they are with Amazon, the biggest book seller in the world. What really impressed me was that the book became simultaneously available across the various Amazon domains, .ca, .co.uk, .com etc. This means someone in the UK, for example, can save on shipping and get it sooner. Book printing has come a long way!

Without on-demand printing, I don’t think I would have been able to offer a physical book option, as the tall population is just too ‘small’ to warrant it. Really, it’s hard to write a book for us at all. But it’s something I wanted to do in my lifetime as being tall has had such a massive impact on my life. I really hope the tall community will find it helpful. If you can think of any way to help get this book into more tall people hands, this would be most appreciated!

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