Scaling Objects for Human Height Calculator

Manufactured goods are typically designed for the average height person. For example, most snow shovels are designed for someone around 5’7″ tall. This poses an ergonomic hazard for anyone taller or shorter than this, and particularly for those who are much taller or shorter. Kitchen counters, furniture, all manner of tools etc. all suffer similarly. In some cases, longer or shorter versions can be found, but this is the exception. An often viable alternative is to adapt the object to ones own height. Take the snow shovel¬†example; a longer shaft can be swapped in. The question, however, is how much longer. Trial and error would allow one to arrive at an adequate size. The faster approach is to do some quick math, or let the below calculator do it for you. It operates on the basic assumption that an object should scale in direct proportion to a person’s height. Though the assumption is imperfect, it will usually get you in the right ball park.

In the US, the average person is about 5’7″ tall. But if the original item was intended for a different population or a particular gender or age, then you should enter the appropriate average height in the calculator. Happy adapting!

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Comparing an average snow shovel to one proportional to human height

Proportional VS Average Snow Shovel Length