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Clothes for tall slim women can be hard to find. Most items are going to be either too baggy or too short, if not both. But things have gotten better in recent years. This page has a slew of clothing options for women with a tall and thin build. The companies that make extra long clothes for tall slim women can be divided into two categories. The first is companies that cater to average sizes but just happen to do tall slim sizes too, usually for women up to 6′ tall. The second is companies that specifically make clothes for tall slim women, and they can usually accommodate women up to 6′ and slightly taller. Both of these categories are listed below. First though are some featured tall slim women’s clothing shops, including a custom clothing option for the tallest of women.



Featured Tall Women’s Clothing Shops
General Clothing Companies with Tall Women’s Sizes
Specialty Tall Women’s Clothing Companies

Featured Tall Women’s Clothing Shops

American Tall

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American Tall got their start with tall men’s clothing a few years back. They quickly ascended from testing the waters to maintaining a full lineup of clothing with hundreds of tops and bottoms. Now they’re tackling tall women’s clothing too. And it’s quite clear they’re off to an intelligent start. Unlike most brands, they stock their jeans by inseam and width measurements. This makes it way easier to find that perfect fit. Further, they have some really hard to find sizes of jeans for tall slim women, like the elusive 27 x 37. And when it comes to track pants and leggings for tall women, they actually stock both tall and extra tall!

While their tall women’s clothing lineup is somewhat limited at the moment, I’m certain it’s just a matter of a few years before they are the number one supplier of tall women’s clothing on the planet. So you might as well jump on board now and check them out!

American Tall Clothes for Tall Slim Women


I think ASOS may be the only tall slim women’s clothing brand on this page specifically catering to women in their 20’s. You’ll find lots of skinny jeans, carefully positioned rips, and old styles reincarnated. As far as sizing, their pants go up to 38″ inseam length and their tops are available in all the common sizes, except in long! Note that in addition to their own ASOS brand, their webshop also sells other brands like Levi’s and Cheap Monday.

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally is perhaps the most well known clothing shop catering specifically to tall women including those with a thin build. Over the last 30 years, Long Tall Sally has gotten so popular that they actually have physical shops in many countries and are one of the few to actually breach the shopping mall. They stock a variety of brands including their own, Long Elegant Legs. Pants are available in inseams up to 38″. Whether you’re looking for pants, skirts, jackets, swimsuits, work wear, or even big shoes, Long Tall Sally has you covered.

Tall Slim Tees

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Tall Slim Tees, the makers of the wildly popular best fitting T-shirts for tall slim men, has taken a shot at tall slim women’s t-shirts. They are specifically designed from the ground up for a tall slim frame. You heard right, they don’t come in average size, only tall! The shirts are of excellent quality and a good price. We’ll be keeping an eye on Tall Slim Tees as they work to expand their clothing lineup.


Surprise surprise, tall women also tend to have big feet! And while big shoes are becoming easier to find, stylish big shoes are rare. Chaussures is looking to change this, with stylish big shoes for tall women in sizes all the way up to 13.
Large Shoes for Tall Women With Big Feet by Chaussures

Tall and All

What’s unique about Tall and All is that all of their tall slim womens clothing is designed and produced right in the UK. They of course ship all around the world though. Their clothes are made for women 5′7″ and up. For the tallest of women, they can do some customization. Tall and All covers all of the basics, from dresses to jeans, but also some specialty stuff like tall club wear and tall polka dot clothes!


If you have a really hard time finding tall slim womens clothing that fits, or you just want that perfect fit, then custom clothes is a good option. It used to be custom just wasn’t affordable. But with mass customization methods, the price is coming down, and Sumissura is one of the companies leading the way. Sumissura does a surprisingly large range of clothes, styles, and materials. And you can pick all the tiny details too. Some might find this a bit overwhelming, but you get the hang of it after designing a couple outfits.
Sumissura Tall Slim Womens Clothing

Made To Order Jeans

If it is custom jeans you are after, then a great option is Made to Order Jeans. Once again, custom isn’t nearly as expensive as it used to be–just $72. There are a couple really neat things about their process. First, they can clone your old jeans (if you ever actually found a pair that fit well). Second, they check in with you later on to see how the jeans are working so they can update your profile. In other words, they work hard to make sure you become a long term customer (good for you and them). Custom jeans may not be for everyone. But for tall women, particularly for big or slim tall women, custom is a fantastic way to go.
Custom Jeans for Tall Slim Women

General Clothing Companies with Tall Slim Women’s Sizes

Below is a list of general clothing companies that just happen to also have tall slim women’s clothing lines. Note that the tall sizes are actually usually referred to as long sizes. The range of heights these accommodate tend to be fairly similar, usually from 5′8″ to 6′. Most of the models tend to be around 5′10″, giving a sense of how the clothes will fit similar height women. Long tops are usually about 1″ longer in the torso and sleeves than regular sizes. Pants tend to be about 2″ longer inseams, usually around 34″. Cropped pants like capris will be somewhat less and boot cuts somewhat more.






Old Navy


Eddie Bauer

Ann Taylor

Lane Bryant

Miss Guidedus

Top Shop

Banana Republic


Only Long Pants for Tall Slim Women

The following general clothing companies do long sized pants but not tops. Also listed here are companies that only do jeans. The first, Silver, is actually really awesome as they allow you to select jean size by inseam length, all the way up to 37″.

Silver Jeans





Specialty Tall Slim Women’s Clothing Companies

Below are some clothing companies that cater specifically to tall slim women. These will typically accommodate women up to 6′ tall and often a bit taller.

Tall Slim Tees

Long Tall Sally

Height of Fashion

Alloy Apparel

Tall and All

Height Goddess

Simply Tall

Tall Tallula



Tall Order Clothing

Highley Tall

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7 thoughts on “Clothes for Tall Slim Women

  • Dunrie Greiling

    I’m 6’2″ and live in the US. I have had good luck with Banana Republic (BR) tall sizes for workwear. JJill and Coldwater Creek also have had tall sizes that fit me, but their clothing doesn’t suit me as well style-wise.

    Clothes-wise, BR and Long Tall Sally (LTS) are my go-tos for everything. BR is typically better quality and more work-appropriate (tho sometimes their tall skirts are too short for workwear).

    Request: think about a post on women’s shoes. For that, in the US, Nordstrom’s is the best (also Nordstrom Rack). Online, I purchase from Zappos and sometimes get shoes through LTS.

    Related to clothing are things like tights, hosiery, socks….Again, talking to the salespeople at Nordstrom’s will usually point me to the brands they stock that are longer. LTS sells these things, too.

    • Amanda

      I have a work shirt from Land’s End that fits so nice. I’m glad my employer orders from them now because I was looking weird in my other stuff.

    • Sharaler

      Lands End was my go-to, but they stopped selling what I would consider Tall (35+ and unhemmed). They still offer talks for men. When these lengths were discontinued for women but maintained for tall men like my brothers, I complained often. Nothing ever came of it. I get all my long jeans and cords at Old Navy now. 6’1″ with 36″-37″ inseam

  • Amanda

    I appreciate the mention of Lane Bryant. Catherine’s, Avenue and Torrid also carry long pants. Tall women are probably more likely to be plus sized than shorter women. Even at my very thinnest, underweight by 20 pounds, my 6’ frame fit a size 10. There are very few places a tall plus sized woman can get clothes ‘in a pinch’ when shipping would take too long. These stores fill that gap, so long as your inseam isn’t more than 34 or 35 inches.

  • volleyball tall

    Unfortunately, the tall clothes at Gap and other non-tall stores start at size 6 or small. At 5’11 I am a size 2 or xs. One of my closest friends is 5’11 and my oldest daughter is 6′ and both are a size 4. Starting at size 6 these stores do not truly have tall slim options. It’s frustrating because they did in the past before so much vanity sizing. I am the same size body-wise I was in high school (I’m 59). I have been wearing gap jeans since then and still have a pair from each decade. In the 70’s I wore a size 10, in the late 80s an 8, in the 90’s a 6 in the 2000s a 4 and now I’m a 2. It’s frustrating because I still have and fit into those high school jeans that are a 10, but to buy them now I would be a size 2. Because of vanity sizing, they no longer make long enough jeans in a size that fits me. So I wouldn’t consider most of these stores places tall slim women can find clothing.