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Tall womens clothing can be hard to find, but this page should help. Below you will find a variety of tall womens clothing shops. Particular emphasis is on shops specifically for tall women. These tend to be better than the really big brands as far as accommodating really tall women.

Tall Slim Tees, the makers of the wildly popular best fitting T-shirts for tall slim men, has begun branching out into women’s clothing. These shirts are specifically designed from the ground up for a tall slim frame. You heard right, they don’t come in average size, only tall! The shirts are of excellent quality and a good price. We’ll be keeping an eye on Tall Slim Tees as they work to expand their clothing lineup.

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally is perhaps the most well known clothing shop catering to tall women. Over the last 30 years, Long Tall Sally has gotten so popular that they actually have physical shops in many countries and are one of the few to actually breach the shopping mall. Whether you’re looking for pants, skirts, jackets, swimsuits, work wear, or even big shoes, Long Tall Sally has you covered.

Tall And All

What’s unique about Tall and All is that all of their tall womens clothing is designed and produced right in the UK. They of course ship all around the world though. Their clothes are made for women 5′7″ and up. For the tallest of women, they can do some customization. Tall and All covers all of the basics, from dresses to jeans, but also some specialty stuff like tall club wear and tall polka dot clothes!


If you have a really hard time finding tall womens clothing that fits, or you just want that perfect fit, then custom clothes is a good option. It used to be custom just wasn’t affordable. But with mass customization methods, the price is coming down, and Sumissura is one of the companies leading the way. Sumissura does a surprisingly large range of clothes, styles, and materials. And you can pick all the tiny details too. Some might find this a bit overwhelming, but you get the hang of it after after designing a couple outfits.

And here are some more tall womens clothing specific chops I will give more detail on soon:

Height Goddess

Simply Tall

Tall Tallula



Top Shop

Tall Order Clothing 

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One thought on “Tall Womens Clothing

  • Dunrie Greiling

    I’m 6’2″ and live in the US. I have had good luck with Banana Republic (BR) tall sizes for workwear. JJill and Coldwater Creek also have had tall sizes that fit me, but their clothing doesn’t suit me as well style-wise.

    Clothes-wise, BR and Long Tall Sally (LTS) are my go-tos for everything. BR is typically better quality and more work-appropriate (tho sometimes their tall skirts are too short for workwear).

    Request: think about a post on women’s shoes. For that, in the US, Nordstrom’s is the best (also Nordstrom Rack). Online, I purchase from Zappos and sometimes get shoes through LTS.

    Related to clothing are things like tights, hosiery, socks….Again, talking to the salespeople at Nordstrom’s will usually point me to the brands they stock that are longer. LTS sells these things, too.