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Tall mens clothing used to be hard to find. Nowadays though, its actually fairly common. For starters, some of the big brands have tall mens clothing lineups. Yet these often wont work for the tallest of us. A better option for us is online niche brands. Custom is another option. I list a variety of brands below, most of which I’ve tested out myself (FYI, I’m 6′7″ tall and 215 lbs). For recent posts, see here.

As you might have guessed, Tall Slim Tees cornerstone is T-shirts for tall skinny guys, just $20 each including shipping in the US. They have really nailed the fit down and and have started providing these in a slew of different colors in V-neck and crew neck. They’ve also applied their fitting model to long sleeve shirts, undershirts, hoodies, and have plans to do athletic shirts too. Medium is the size that works best for me. See the above links for my reviews on their clothes.

The next company I would like to mention is a recent startup called American Tall. What they have going for them is over 35 years experience in clothing manufacturing. They are going for the higher end tall market with some of their stuff actually made in Italy. The line of tall mens clothing includes jeans, pants, jackets, dress shirts, t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts. I tried out some of their stuff myself and wrote about it here: American Tall

Six-8 Clothing is both a brand and shop for tall mens clothing. They make their clothes right in the USA. Particular emphasis is on making clothes specifically for the taller person, not merely graded average sizes. This means the zippers, pockets, and details are all larger. They sell all the basic clothes including jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts. Pants are available all the way up to 38″ length and shirts come in tall and extra tall for men over 6′8″. See here for more including my thoughts on their polos: Six-8 Clothing Company.

Cleaner Brighter

Of all the tall mens clothing companies I list here, I think Cleaner Brighter is probably the one that most caters to the tall skinny guys the most. They provide enough basic clothing that you should be able to put together a bunch of different outfits that really suit your build. I reviewed a couple of their items: Tall Polo, Pants and Sweaters. I found their size large fits me best.

Wiedemann Jeans

If you’ve had a hard time finding long enough jeans, then I suggest checking out Wiedemann Jeans. They specialize in jeans for tall people and carry sizes all the way up to 42 length. These lengths are available from a 34 waist up to a 40. That’s right, they even have a size 34 x 42 for the very tall skinny guys among us. These extra long jeans for tall men come in four different styles including straight leg and tapered. The styles aren’t all that different though; all fairly slim and modern.

So Long Sven

So Long Sven was started by a 6’11” Swedish guy. As you might have guessed then, it is located in Sweden. They do however ship all over the world. They have currently focused tops including dress shirts, long sleeve shirts, and t-shirts. Check out the founder’s story of how he quit his day job, traveled the world, and starting a his company: So Long Sven

Tailor 4 Less

If you find you are having a hard time finding clothing that fits, than another option is custom. And while this used to be really expensive, the price has been coming down. Tailor4less, for example, is doing custom dress shirts starting at $59. I tried one myself and posted about it here: Custom dress shirt. I really liked the fit. There was a lot of options though, so a bit overwhelming. But I imagine on the second time around it would be easier, especially after already done measurements.
Custom Tall Mens Dress Shirt

For the Fit

For the Fit has the largest collection of tall mens clothing of all the shops I’ve mentioned so far. And they have a huge range of sizes to. For example, their dress shirts come in 28 sizes! Check out an interview with them here: For the Fit.
Tall Mens Dress Shirts by For the Fit


The only thing worse than poorly fitting clothes is poorly fitting spandex clothes. You can avoid this with Aerotech cycling tall mens clothing. They make some good quality stuff in a variety of colors and for a reasonable price. I really like their jackets in particular. Check out my review of them here: Tall Cycling Jersey and other Tall Cycling Clothes

Long Tie Store

What good are the tallest dress shirts if your tie is too short? There are long ties out there though, including from the long tie store. I tried a couple out myself, check out my review here: Extra Long Ties for Tall Men
Extra Long Ties for Tall Men

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