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Difficultly finding tall men’s clothing is quickly becoming a plight of the past—well, at least for all the classic articles including jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. The more specialized are another matter, like extra long workout shirts for tall guys. These are sometimes referred to as athletic shirts, quick-dry shirts, or just fall in the category of activewear.

Being 6′7″, I’ve resorted to XL workout shirts in order to get that bit of extra length. But because I’m on the skinny side, they end up being overly baggy, despite still being too short. I’ve mentioned the idea of extra long workout shirts to a few of the tall men’s clothing companies I’ve talked with, and one of them has finally come through. That is Tall Slim Tees (TST).

Extra Long Workout Shirts for Tall Guys Blue

Blue Medium Tall Workout Shirt

Tall Slim Tees

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The idea behind workout shirts is that they dry faster and hold less moisture. So when you sweat profusely like I do, your shirt doesn’t weigh you down and leave you feeling soggy. Polyester tends to be a good material for this, a lot better than cotton. So TST has made their extra long workout shirts for tall guys out of 100% polyester. They sent me some samples and I tried one out in an exceptionally sweaty hot yoga class, and I can confirm that they do a good job.

I tried out both medium and large sizes. I’ve preferred medium for their clothes in the past. This time it’s a bit of a tossup as I think their workouts shirts are a bit tighter. But perhaps workout shirts are supposed to be a bit tighter. Anyway, you can see the difference in the comparison below (for your reference, I’m 215 lbs and do more yoga than weightlifting).

Extra Long Workout Shirts for Tall Guys Black

Black Medium Tall Workout Shirt

Extra Long Workout Shirts for Tall Guys Red

Red Large Tall Workout Shirt

TST is really moving along quickly. They are adding new items every few months or so. Of course this is motivated by the fact that us tall guys are ordering their shirts faster than they can stock them. Some colors sell out a lot faster than others. So if you’re after a particular color workout shirt, best to grab it now.

TST’s other latest items include polos and tank tops, which I’ll try out soon. Next up for them is button-up shirts. Apparently the material is the big challenge, as they want to give the shirts a bit of stretch, which isn’t too common with button-up shirts. It will be really interesting to see what they come up with!

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