Tall Women Take Center Stage in My Giant Life 33

Rather than blocking views, tall women are becoming the view in TLC‘s new reality show, My Giant Life.

Tall men and women both suffer from ergonomic deficiencies and social issues. Men have a greater share of the former as, relative to the entire population, there are more tall men out there. On the other hand, women have a greater share of the latter as it is societies expectation that women be shorter. Furthermore, in the dating world, women prefer taller men and vice versa, leading to difficulties finding a partner.

The social issues create more gawk value, drawing more mainstream viewership, and is likely why the show focuses on extremely tall women. Height is a fascinating topic and let’s hope that the show, despite being mainstream, has some level of intelligence to it. What gives hope is that one of the actresses, 6’6 former volleyball pro Colleen, may very well be the same Colleen who was blogging at 6footsix some time ago, and she was discussing some interesting stuff such as raised cutting boards.

Lindsay is the tall star of My Giant Life

Lindsay, the 6’9 tall star of My Giant Life

The star of the show, 6’9 Lindsay, is the Guinness World Record’s Tallest Actress in a leading role and is searching for the father that abandoned her. The two remaining actresses, 6’7 Haleigh and 6’9 Nancy, both found their solace in the tall advantaged sports of volleyball and basketball.

My Giant Life premieres July 14 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Will the show bring greater awareness to the struggles of tall people, or will it just be a gawk show? What do you think?

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