The economy of scale leads companies to cater to the average height person, given the normal distribution of human height. The result is poorly fitting manufactured objects for tall people. While this may at first appear to merely lead to inconveniences for tall people, a closer look finds ergonomic hazards that can lead to both acute injury and the gradual insidious onset of chronic injury. This section of Tall Life is focused on solving these problems. You can check out the sub topics above or jump right into the latest posts below.

I'm gradually adapting my own house to be tall friendly. Check out the old apartment first, then the before shots of the new house. I'll be posting some updates soon.

Tall Strollers for Tall Parents
Strollers are designed with a one-size-fits-all-parents approach. Hence it’s hard to find strollers for tall parents. Pushing too short a […]

Tall Strollers for Tall Parents

Giraffe Cover Image Simple Gumroad 2
Description Being tall coincides with considerable professional, athletic, and social benefits. Yet there are also some problems, and these raise […]

Tall Life Book

Tall Table for Tall People 2
Standard dining room tables are too short for us tall people. So we end up slouching to avoid an awkwardly […]

Tall Table for Tall People