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Below is a guest post by the 6’11” founder of the Swedish tall mens clothing company for tall people, So Long Sven.

In 2013, I quit my 9-to-5 and sold my apartment in Stockholm to travel the world for a couple of months. India, Sri Lanka and Australia were on the top of my wishlist. I realised that this might be a good time to fulfill my old dream of having a tailor make me 25-50 basic white t-shirts that actually would fit my 6’11” frame, semi-skinny body. While planning the trip I quickly realised that there has to be more people out there looking for the same thing. They would probably, like me, like to have sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts and other basic garments as well, all tall of course. I needed to create something bigger, like a brand.

My friends lived in New Delhi at the time and had a room for rent. Without hesitation I booked a one-way ticket to India. In Delhi, everyone has an “uncle” in the garment industry, making it an ideal place to start searching for the best tailors and knitted fabric manufacturers. Even the landlady had somewhat of a showroom in the basement of our building!

Clothing store for tall men being thought up

So Long Sven

After a lot of cancelled, postponed and even preponed meetings, I found an agent that could help me work with factories and garment suppliers. She was stunned by the number of times people on the streets compared me to their tallest Bollywood superstar Arunoday Singh (6’4″) and how they yelled “Long body, long life!” when I walked down the streets.

Clothing store for tall men getting started

A couple of months and numerous sample-feedback-adjust-rounds later my idea had grown from 25 basic t-shirts for private use to a clothing brand with a collection of 6 garments in 4 sizes and 3-6 colors. Weeks later I returned to Sweden with my newly started clothing company and A LOT of garments. Now the real work could start, getting everything out to the tall people of the world.

My dream, which I had started to call “So Long Sven” had become reality.

With a collection of 5 garments in 4 sizes So Long Sven is a brand that focuses on tall, skinny men. The ones that can’t buy anything in the “Big And Tall” stores, and usually have to roll up their shirt sleeves unwillingly.

When it comes to length, our garments starts where other brands ends. T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and button-down shirts are available in the most classic and basic colors, aimed to fit men from 6’3″ and up.

We don’t believe in getting the cheapest material and having the cheapest products. We always use high quality fabrics and work with manufacturers that treat their employees well. All of the clothes are made by a tailor rather than a factory. We ship worldwide, starting at just below $10 to the US.

We exists to help the tall man find basic clothing, that actually fits. Our future plans are to create more unique products with colors, patterns and details, to help the tall man express himself in more ways, but we’ll always keep the basics colors in our lineup as well. We aim to expand over the years, creating jackets, pants, socks and everything else tall men need.

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5 thoughts on “6’11” Swedish Guy Quits Job, Starts Clothing Line

  • Margie Halloran

    That’s great, but there are way more gaps in the industry of tall womens’ clothing. Would be nice to cater to both tall men AND tall women– there are extremely few resources for us.

  • Anonymous

    The links to this page, SoLongSven do not work, returning security warnings or forbidden warnings. Happens in multiple browsers when clicking the link or even if manually enter the address.

    • Tall Life Post author

      I see that now. I’ll leave the link up for now in case it’s a temporary issue, otherwise will take it down, thanks for letting me know.