Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Tall Men’s Clothing

As if tall men’s clothing isn’t hard enough to find in the first place, try finding some that is also environmentally friendly and sustainably made. Sounds impossible, right? But as it just so happens, I know of a brand doing exactly that, Navas. I’ve been following them for several years now, and thought I’d give a quick update.

Sustainable Tall Men's Hoodie

Hawkins Tall Slim Men’s Hoodie

They’re still doing their manufacturing in Vancouver, Canada. This is expensive, but you can be certain your clothes aren’t coming out of sweat shops. Plus, if you’re in North America, a lot less energy is wasted on shipping. To give a label to their manufacturing processes, their clothes meet the Oeka-Text Standard 100 for environmental friendliness. Some of the materials they use are quite well known for being sustainable, including Tencel and Bamboo.

Environmentally Friendly Tall Mens Long Sleeve Shirt

Mac Tall Slim Men’s Shirt

Since my last update, they’ve added a variety of new items, including Drake and Vasquez. Both have this heavy and soft luxurious feel to them. If you’ve been buying clothes from mainstream brands, then you will find Navas’ fabrics extremely pleasing in comparison. They’ve also started to add some new prints and patterns to their tall slim t-shirts.

Ecological Hoodie For Tall Men

Vasquez Tall Slim Men’s Hoodie

As far as sizing, I find I fit best in their extra large tall sizes whereas for most other clothing brands I take a large tall (I’m 6’7″ and 215 lbs). Also, I find the sleeves run a bit longer than for other brands, though it’s an easy fix to flip the cuffs as I’ve done in the pic above.

That’s all for now!

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