Hats for Tall People with Big Heads

Finding a decent hat for tall people can be difficult because our heads tend to be larger than average. It may not look this way as, relative to our bodies, our heads look normal or even small. But compared to an average height person, they’re statistically larger. Luckily, however, there are companies out there that make hats specifically for larger heads.


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My favorite hat I have ever owned is actually from a brand called Navas that makes clothes for tall slim men. In addition to the great sizing, what I like so much about this brand as that they use sustainable manufacturing practices and produce most of their stuff in Vancouver, Canada, with high quality materials. And I really appreciate their west coats style too. Their hats come in s/m or l/xl. I opted for the l/xl which fits just perfect on my head, which measures about 23-1/4″ around. The material is stretchy and perhaps could fit a slightly bigger head. The hat is also quite tall, so fits nicely all the way down to my ears.

Hats for Tall People with Big Heads Navas


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If you’re looking for something even larger or maybe a different style or type of hat, another option I have tried is E4Hats. Their XXXL size fits big heads all the way up to 26-3/8″ around!

hats for tall people with big heads

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