Tall Slim Tees Expands Lineup of Clothes for Tall Slim Men

Tall Slim Tees (TST) recently expanded their lineup of clothes for tall slim men. This post covers the new items they sent me to try out. First up though is actually a pic of their original classic (I finally got a proper dslr camera that does it justice). For a tall and slim guy like myself (I’m 6′7″, 215 lbs, and prefer their medium tall), the fit simply can’t get any better. So I’m really pleased to see TST pushing forward with more clothes based on this same awesome fit.

Tall Slim Tees Original T-Shirt for Tall Slim Men

Tall Slim Tees

My favorite of their new items is a plaid button-up shirt for tall slim men. I’m so used to super baggy button-up shirts. Even tall specific ones from big brands I find too baggy. To get one that has the same snug fit as TST’s t-shirt is refreshing. For the fabric, they’ve sourced some 100% flannel cotton that feels totally at home with the pattern. This will make a great shirt for the fall.

Plaid Flannel Button Up Shirt for Tall Slim Men by TST

Also on the button-up front is their Oxford dress shirt for tall slim men. It’s also made of 100% cotton, this time prepared specifically for a crisper Oxford shirt. This tall slim shirt could be worn casually or for more formal occasions (it comes with a complementary extra long tie). It does require ironing on arrival, which I clearly didn’t do…

Oxford Cotton Dress Shirt for Tall Slim Men By TST

Next up is their Henley long sleeve. It’s made with 100% combed cotton and feels distinctly different from the above two shirts–much silkier. On a side note, isn’t it amazing how 100% cotton can feel so different depending on how it’s used? Their Henley shirts have a similar, though perhaps slightly roomier fit than their tees.

Cotton Henley Long Sleeve Shirt for Tall Slim Men by TST

But perhaps long sleeve stuff isn’t on your mind right now (It’s 34 degrees out as I write this!). If that’s the case, you might consider their new dry-lite polo. They have one other dry-lite shirt, but their polo is a bit less casual and would work great as, say, a golf shirt. For these, TST deviates from cotton to improve the moisture whicking effect. For their second generation of this material, they use a blend of 47.5% tencel, 47.5% polyester, and 5% spandex. I’m not sure what tencel is exactly, but I found the material to stay lightweight even when sweating a lot.

Golf Shirt Dry-Lite Polo for Tall Slim Men by TST

If you still want more variety in the same great fit for tall slim men, check out the TST shop (5% off with the coupon promo code: Tall). Finally, below is a spin shot of their original tall slim t-shirt. I like all their stuff, but their first t-shirt is still my favorite. If you haven’t ever tried this classic, I highly recommend it. That’s all for now. Keep up the great work TST!

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