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When you hear about tall people problems, low shower heads are usually at the top of the list. Maybe it’s because most people shower first thing in the morning, when they are grumpy at the world, and it’s like the shower head is the first of the day to say, “Wow you’re tall!”. Enough’s enough, let’s show those shower heads whose boss! Below are some raised shower heads for tall people.

Raised Shower Heads for Tall People

The first and most versatile solution is the adjustable height shower head bar (above pic). Its biggest advantage is that people of a variety of heights can get the shower head into just the right position. Though remember, tall people, your household shorties would appreciate you lowering the shower head after you’re done, especially if you mess with the massage settings. The main downside of this style shower head is that you need to drill new holes in you showers wall…

Adjustable Height Shower Head Bar
16″ Shower Head Extension Arm
Low-High Shower Head Combo
Double Pivot Raised Showerhead
High Rise Shower Arm
Shower Head Extension Arm
S-Style Shower Head Extension
Overhead Rain Shower
Adjustable Shower Head Arm

If you don’t feel you need that much adjust-ability, you might do OK with a simple pivoting shower head extension arm. Finally, if you don’t live with any shorties at all, then you might go for the overhead ceiling shower head (preferably pimped out with led lights) or just keep it simple with an S-style shower arm. Another handy adaptation is the curved shower rod, as it provides more shoulder room so your wide shoulders aren’t always rubbing up against that cold, slimy shower curtain.

Do you know of any other shower heads for tall people solutions? Please let us know in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Raised Shower Heads for Tall People

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  • Anonymous

    I’m the tallest in my family, and i hate the awkward squat i have to do every time i take a shower. With these ideas i can finally take a shower and not have my back or legs hurt. So Excited!!!!

  • Cheri

    We installed one of the S style shower head extensions. The water pressure drops too low to shower. Do you know of a fix for this? I’m wondering if this same problem would occur with one of the shower heads that has the built in extension.

    • Tall Sam Post author

      There will be some pressure drop for sure. If it’s a big drop it could be that you over-tightened it. Make sure to use Teflon tape to prevent leaks without requiring too much tightening. Even though I have an adjustable one, I still to have a bit of pressure drop. But I like to think of it as saving water 🙂

  • MACH4 Mom

    I wish I had found you years ago! I am a mother of four AWESOME (grown) children. My sons are 6’8, 6’4”, and 6’3”, and my youngest, a daughter, is 5’8, they are all quite lean and exceptionally athletic – and, no, my husband is not “freakishly tall” as I have frequently been asked; he is only 6’1”and I am 5’5.5” (& my beloved daughter graciously points out that I am shrinking, thank you very much). My father was about 6’2” and his parents were both over 6 feet.
    Anyway, we had to adapt our homes (military family/frequent moves) and I found it terribly difficult to dress my sons in popular fashions since they were about 14 because it seems stores expect that if one is tall, one must also be fat! (Jeans 33×36 anyone, no?) Forget popular surf t-shirts and skateboard fashions (when they were teens)!
    So, I’m thrilled to find you and explore your links! THANK YOU!
    What about shoes? Size 16? ?

    PS Fun Fact: Many Tall people have low self esteem because they are constantly “turned away” in society, yet they aren’t even aware of this. Think about it. They cannot even walk into most Walmarts and buy a pair of socks or a pack of undershirts!