Big Shoes for Tall Men with Big Feet 5

You know what they say about guys with big feet? Chances are, they’re also tall.

I say chances as it isn’t too tight of a correlation; anecdotally, I’m 6′7″ tall and wear size 14 shoes while my grandpa was a few inches shorter than me but wore size 15 shoes. Well, at least that is what he wanted to wear. Sadly, he had a hard time finding big enough shoes. He had to march in the US navy wearing size 12. Not exactly Chinese foot binding, but nevertheless painful! Seriously though, wearing too small of shoes can damage the joints in your feet. Please note this page contains affiliate links.

Big Shoes for Tall People

Times have changed. With the help of online shoe shopping, you can now easily find size 20 shoes online! Below is a list of various shoe categories with the brand that has the biggest shoes for tall men. While you might not need a shoe that big, rest assured they also have plenty of more common big shoe sizes.

Big Athletic Shoes

It should be no surpirse that big basketball shoes are readily available. The reigning champion here is Adidas, with their size 20 basketball shoes, including the D Lillard 2. Adidas also does a variety of other big athletic shoes including for running, cross-training, football, and soccer.


Big Fashion Sneakers


Converse is perhaps the most classic fashion sneaker out there. They also make a variety of big shoe models all the way up to size 18, like the Chuck Taylor. Admittedly, Adidas does make slightly larger fashion, but they’ve already got a mention here so…


Big Boots

Dunham does a wide range of big men’s boots including for winter, work, and hiking. Many of these big boots are available from size 16 and up to even 20.


Big Loafers, Moccasins, and Slippers

UGG is fairly well-known for their comfy shoes. Luckily, they also do some really big loafers, moccasins, and slippers, all the way up to size 18.


Big Sandals

New Balance

New Balance, although better known for their athletic shoes, also does some pretty huge sandals. These include flip-flops, thongs, and with straps.


Big Workboots


Workboots is what Thorogood does best. The various options for these boots include safety toe (steel toe), lace-up or slip-on, high-top, insulation, and so on. They pretty much cover all the bases when it comes to big work boots. And by big I mean sizes all the way up to 18.


Big Oxford Shoes

Dunham get’s another mention here as they also have a large variety of the biggest oxford shoes out there. These big shoes are great for work, formal occasions, and even some casual occasions. The Burlington Oxford even comes in a size 20.


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5 thoughts on “Big Shoes for Tall Men with Big Feet

  • mark brandsma

    Hi Sam. With big feet and big shoes come big SOCKS! At Six8 we have 9 fun styles socks in size range 14-18. I’d love to send you some, if you think it’s worth a post. Please let me know and send me your address again. Thanks, keep up the good work. I always love your posts!

  • Paula

    Hi, a question. How good for spine health are the snikers with air capsules? Im thinking on my child’s, he’s 12yrs and is 1.75mts. Is expected to be more than 1.85 probably 1.90.

  • Divyn725

    My guy wears 15’s and has a fairly narrow foot, so his preference is Nike for the most comfortable fit at 6″6″ – but he has worn Adidas as well. Finding him workboots has been a challenge that are composite toe instead of steel toe, so if anyone else has had that issue, try Timberland Pro’s or a website xlfeet has given him selections from different brands. As you probably know, finding SOCKS that are big enough yet aren’t also extra wide is a challenge too!