Swim Trunks for Tall Men

Summer is nearly here and that means it’s time to swim. But this year is going to be different. This year we’re actually going to have properly sized swim trunks for tall men. Our savior? American Tall. They stand out because they make both tall and EXTRA tall sizes.

American Tall

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Best Swim Trunks for Tall Men

Swim trunks have evolved much since our parents’ youth. If you look back at old photos, you’ll see very short swim shorts were the fad. Gradually though, decade by decade, swim trunks have gotten much longer. But it’s been hard for us tall people to keep up given our long legs. So, we tall people bought in larger sizes to compensate. But this resulted in baggy heaps of cloth that looked ridiculous. I think this problem is even worse for us tall people, as we typically have relatively skinnier legs. And short swim trunks for tall men can really accentuate this.

Then along came board shorts. The nice thing with board shorts is that they are longer and slimmer. This is because they were originally intended for water sports, where water spray can cause baggy short shorts to ride up. Inadvertently, by being longer and slimmer, board shorts are an option for us. But the downside is that board shorts don’t come with netting like in bathing suits. This means they aren’t ideal for swimming. I also don’t like that they usually lack pockets.

Enter American Tall. Once again, they’ve come to our rescue with their extra tall sizes. I actually typically order just tall from them. But in this case, I definitely wanted extra tall (large). For reference, I’m 6’7″ and 215 lbs.

Swim Trunks for Tall Men

As you can see above, these swim trunks for tall men fit me just above the knees and aren’t too baggy. It is a very modern fit, if you ask me. Yes, I should have ironed them first. But the point I’m trying to make is that the tall slim fit is unparalleled. I’ll also add that I like the sharp color, the racing stripe on the side, the pockets, and the quality in general.

Of course, if after all this you still prefer the style of board shorts, then American Tall has you covered there too. And as per usual, they even have extra tall sizes. Whichever way you choose, the important part is to swim every chance you get this summer!

Swimming Board Shorts for Tall Men

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