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I’m pleased to introduce American Tall, a high-end tall mens clothing brand for heights all the way up to 7′1″. What these guys have going for them is over 35 years experience in clothing manufacturing. They kindly sent me some samples to try out. You can find my thoughts below or click the Go to Shop button to check them out yourself. Here’s a 5% American Tall coupon code just for Tall Life readers: TALLLIFE5%

American Tall

First up is their dress shirts. These come in tall and extra tall. At 6′7″, I do fine with just the tall. This should give you a sense that these guys actually do cater to the whole range of tall, not just kinda tall like big brand names do. At 215 lbs, 35″ waist, and 39″ chest, I found that the medium fit better than the large. It did feel a tad small, but these shirts are designed to be form fitting.

As far as quality, that is where American Tall differentiates themselves. This is true for both of the dress shirts I tried, but particularly the white Terracina which is actually made in Italy. Have you ever heard of Italian made dress shirts for tall people before? The material blend is mostly cotton, some nylon, and with a bit of spandex in there to give it some stretch (72/24/4). Their are a lot of fine details too that are usually reserved for bespoke shirts. This dress shirt would look great under a jacket or on its own, with or without a tie.

White Medium Tall American Tall Coupon

Terracina Dress Shirt in White Medium Tall (Lighting is deceiving here, it is perfectly white)

American Tall Light Blue Large Tall American Tall Coupon

Oskar Dress Shirt in Light Blue Diamond Dobby Large Tall

Moving on to the jeans. American tall offers jeans for lengths all the way up to 38, including the elusive 32 X 38. I typically wear a 34 X 36 but found their 36 X 38 fit me best. Once again, I really like the material (mostly cotton) and appreciate the bit of stretch they’ve achieved with the 1.5% spandex. Besides achieving better form fitting, this also makes the jeans really comfortable. As far as the style, it seems fairly modern to me, not too baggy nor too tight. You can choose between dark and light wash. And while some might want more options for style etc., I personally appreciate not having to make more decisions than necessary.

36 X 38 Dark Wash Jeans American Tall Coupon

36 X 38 Dark Wash Jeans

Now I’ll hand it over to the guys at American Tall to tell you more about their company:

American Tall is a new brand of clothing for men 6′3″- 7′1″. We launched our website on March 17, 2016 with a tight grouping of styles that give tall men a clothing option for most of their daily activities. From jeans to dress pants, t shirts to dress shirts, boxers to jackets we offer a full range of clothing to tall men who are slim or fit. Having spent 35 years manufacturing clothing for retail chains such as Casual Male, who offer a “Big and Tall” solution but not a “Tall” solution, our founder felt it was time to develop a brand that would be dedicated to the Tall man.

Our background is in clothing design and manufacturing. Relationships built over the years with fabric mills and factories in Asia and Europe assist us in producing any styles we decide to offer our customers. Apparel production is extremely complex and requires real expertise to execute properly.

In the coming months we will be introducing new styles in our existing categories as well as some new ones and we are always willing to listen to feedback from our customers about what they would like to see on our site. We are very responsive to inquiries as well as suggestions and we believe that the only way to grow our business is one happy customer at a time. We don’t believe in half measures- if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Look at our website and you will immediately see what we are talking about.

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