Tall People, Can’t See Traffic Light While Stopped at the Line? Some Adaptations…

traffic light blocked for tall people

Do you crane your neck in your car while waiting to see the traffic light turn from red to green? Don’t stick your neck out. Try these adaptations! Some of the below adaptations have legal and safety implications, you should read the disclaimer before trying them.

  • Installing a Device to View the Traffic Light: Fresnel lenses, traffic light prisms (dash or window mounted) and camera/display screen systems (such as those used for backup cams) can all be used to view traffic lights. I find the Fresnel lens solution works great.
  • Viewing the Traffic Light’s Reflection on Car’s Hood: An alternative to the above devices is to simply view the traffic light in the reflection from the hood of you car. The traffic light might be a little more difficult to spot than with the above devices, and snow and dirt on the hood can be a problem, but no need to buy and install anything.
see traffic light in hood reflection
  • Lowering The Car Seat: Even lowering yourself an inch in the car can make for huge visibility improvements. This can most easily be done by modifying or replacing
    your seat cushion as described in another post. Alternatively, you could modify your seat brackets or even find an after market seat with lower profile seat brackets.

    lowering car seat to see traffic light
  • Installing a Roof Window: Kinda like a sun roof but as far forward as possible to see the traffic lights through. As you can see below, this one didn’t work out so good for me… 🙁


If the above have not solved the problem for you, and your significant other is tired of telling you when the light turns, then perhaps when you are researching for your next car, you should use the Vision Line Height measurement for guidance to get the best envelope to work with in the first place.

Do you know of any other solutions?

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