Extra Long Shorts for Tall Skinny Guys

As a tall skinny guy, I’ve always been frustrated by shorts–the name says it all. I either end up looking like I’m playing basketball in the 80’s (which would have been awesome) or I’m swimming in some XXLs. The workaround of course is to just get a style that tends to come in longer lengths. But who wants to have nothing but board shorts? There just isn’t a decent selection of shorts for tall skinny guys like myself. Until now, that is…

Too Short of Shorts for Tall Skinny Guys

Steven Carter from Northern New England, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

American Tall’s new shorts have waists as narrow as 30″, while keeping all the length. In fact, they also have EXTRA long shorts! With a 13.5″ inseam, their chino shorts should meet the knee caps of even extremely tall men.

And beyond chino shorts, they also have casual, long board shorts, and even some bathing suits and swim trunks for tall skinny guys. Mix in a slew of colors and you’ll never have to try on a pair of ‘short’ shorts again.

Shorts for Tall Skinny Guys

American Tall

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They sent me some of their tall men’s chino shorts to try out (for your reference, I’m 6’7″ and normally wear a 34″ waist and 36″ inseam for pants). I definitely preferred the extra long shorts. The 34″ waist was okay, but I think I would prefer 36″.

Shorts for Tall Skinny Guys

I’m also wearing one of their new short sleeve button up shirts in the pic above. The size is large tall. I prefer this over the extra tall despite having a fairly long torso for my height.

In general, American Tall has added a slew of new items for the summer. So if your wardrobe for the summer is a bit ‘short’, I highly recommend checking out their new arrivals.


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Another option I really like when it comes to shorts for tall slim men is Navas’ board shorts. In addition to being extra long shorts for tall people, they have a really nifty style to them. Plus, they are made using sustainable manufacturing practices right in Vancouver Canada. Their fibers and processing meet the OEKO-TEX standard 100 for environmental friendliness.

Sustainably Made Shorts for Tall Slim Men

At 6’7″ and 215 lbs, The size that works best for me is their XL (I find I usually need to go up a size from what I normally get).

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