Being tall has considerable implications for one’s health. This section of Tall Life is focused on exploring this and raising awareness.


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Tall People Back Pain and Back Problems: Disc Herniations
Tall people are at increased risk of injury. On this page, I explain why this is the case, focusing in ...

Tall People Back Pain and Back Problems

Yoga Poses for Tall People
The sentiment that yoga is particularly beneficial for tall people is a popular one. This is because yoga is known ...

Yoga For Tall People

McGills Big Three Stabelizing Exercises
Stuart McGill is a world renowned spine researcher. His goal is to help people recover from and avoid back pain ...

Introducing Stuart McGill, the World Renowned Spine Researcher

femoral acetabular impingement
(update: I finally got surgery five years later. I'm six months post-op. I think I might be somewhat better, but ...

Tall With Hip Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Tall Stature Disorders Marfan's Syndrome
Tall stature is most commonly familial in origin and considered a sign of good health. On rare occasions, however, taller ...

Tall Stature: Disorders and Syndromes

Best Swimming Strokes for People width Bad Backs
Back and neck injuries are more common in taller people. A continuing theme on this site is how to adapt, ...

Swimming Stroke for Bad Backs and Necks: Using a Swim Snorkel

Tall With Back Pain: A Need for Tall Adaptations
Looking back, I can recall a couple times in my younger years injuring my back. Once was after an intense ...

Tall With Back Pain: A Need for Tall Adaptations