Bathtubs for Tall People: Tall Tip 5

Bathtubs for tall people can be tricky. Picture this: You’ve drawn yourself a nice hot bath and you’re looking forward to soothing your tight muscles and aching joints. You sink in, and your body’s displaced water adds nicely to the water depth. But then there’s a curious noise, “shlll shlll shlll”, or something along those lines, as your precious water is lost down the overflow drain. Before you know it, if you’re tall like me, you’re left with enough water to sooth not much more than your butt.

Bathtub for Tall People

No more I say! I’m sure there are tons of ways to solve this, but I chose to get a Bottomless Bath drain cover (affiliate image link below). Suction cups hold it to the tub and it has its own drain hole, only higher up, to mitigate the risks of unattended tub filling. The drain cover increases the water depth by about 4 inches.

Deep Water Bath Drain Cover

And I know what you environmentalists are thinking… But before you suggest my use of bathing water superfluous, answer yourself this: would not the additional displaced water of a larger person compensate for the deeper water level in itself? For more related posts checkout bathrooms for tall people.

Extra Deep Bathtub for Tall People

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5 thoughts on “Bathtubs for Tall People: Tall Tip

  • geoff macdougal

    OK but picture this. I need a longer bath I’m 6″7. A piece of plastic isn’t going to solve my problem is it you dohnut.!!!!

    • Tall Life Post author

      A longer bathtub would be nice, I’ll look into these at some point. Regardless, the drain cover is nice for tall people with a long torso like myself, much better immersion. P.S. I like Timbits.

  • Shortwife

    Great solution for people who don’t have the option of a longer tub! Kohler makes a 60″ tub with a higher slot overflow, but it’s not a deep tub to start with. Thank you!