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Though there are places to get stock tall men’s clothing, the selection is somewhat limited and some sacrifices for fit and style may have to be made. The alternative is custom shirts where the measurements are made specifically to fit the individual. Of course custom shirts are more expensive than off the shelf shirts as they must be made one at a time and for the individual. However, this is becoming cheaper as the process becomes more streamlined via mass customization techniques.

Hockerty (Sumissura for women) is one company that is on the front line of this trend, providing custom shirts starting at $59 including 15 day shipping to anywhere in the world, which is remarkable. They started up in 2008, have already served over 100,000 customers, and have offices in Barcelona, Zürich, and Shanghái, this last location being where the actual custom shirts are tailored. They contacted me to see if I wanted to try out a custom shirt.


The first thing I would like to say is that there are a lot of choices, and while those with a sense of style who enjoy choices will greatly appreciate this, my feeble mind and lack of style sense left me a bit overwhelmed. Luckily my girlfriend was there to help, including with taking measurements. The measuring process was nicely explained. They also had me send them a photo to give them a better sense of  my body type.

Taking Measurements for Custom Shirts for tall men

The choices are many including general fit type, collar type, cuff style, pockets, pleats, button type, elbow pads, embroidery, and many, many patterns. Despite the plethora of choices, they do a nice job of categorizing and laying them all out. Below are some custom shirt designs we came up with to demonstrate the range of possibilities. We went a bit astray with the bottom right one…

4 custom shirts for tall men

The top right custom shirt is what I ended up getting. Note that it is normal rather than loose or tight fit. The first thing I noticed was that it is slightly more purple than I thought it would be judging from my computer screen. But this slight discrepancy tends to be a problem with ordering online in general. The second thing was that it was a great fit, particularly around the torso; no more searching for places to tuck in all that extra baggy cloth. The third thing I noticed was that I accidentally ordered elbow pads!

In essence, purchasing custom has a slight learning curve, but the results are potentially much better. If you are willing to put in the effort and don’t mind a mere few extra bucks, then custom shirts are the way to go, especially for tall people.

Hockerty also does other items besides custom shirts including custom pants and custom suit jackets. Check them out and see what kind of styles you can come up with!Custom Shirt for Tall Guy

Custom Shirt for Tall Man



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