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Chinos for tall skinny guys like myself are particularly hard to come by. They don’t sell in the same quantities as other clothes for tall skinny guys, and so the fringe sizes aren’t made. For instance, if you want a 38″ length, none of the big brands will have it, even the ones with tall men’s clothing lines. That’s where American Tall comes into the picture. They make their chinos all the way up to a 40″ length! And they do plenty of narrow widths too, down to a 30″ waist, to fit the particularly tall and slim men among us. So if you’re looking for chinos for tall skinny guys, they’ve got you covered.

American Tall

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They sent me a pair to try out. I’m 6′7″ and 215 lbs, but most of my length is in my torso. So I’m actually one of the easier tall slim guys to accommodate. The size 36″ x 36″ chinos I got fit like they were custom-made for me. As you can see, they aren’t too tight nor too baggy. Fitting in this sweet spot is particularly important for chinos for tall skinny guys, both for the style and to suit our build.

Chinos for Tall Skinny Guys

The name chinos originated as chinese pants, due to the cloth coming from China. The cloth is traditionally 100% cotton. American Tall deviates slightly from this by stitching in 2% elastane. This gives these tall slim chinos just a bit of stretch to better contour to your body. The stitching is the tried and true twill pattern of traditional chinos.

Chinos for Tall Skinny Guys Details

Chinos have to be some of the most versatile pants out there. You can wear them as every day casual pants or couple them with a blazer for a night out on the town. It helps though if you’ve got the right colors! The three options currently offered by American Tall are navy blue, desert sand, and stone grey.

American Tall Chinos for Tall Skinny Guys

American Tall has been gaining a lot of traction this last year. What’s really great about them is that, besides being a tall specific retailer, they actually design their own tall slim men’s clothing line. This means that it is within their power to make us what we want. So please comment below, even if its just to suggest more colors for chinos for tall skinny guys. You will be heard!

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