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Tall men’s jeans can be hard to find, particularly if you’re a tall skinny guy. Most big brand clothing lines stop at a 34 length, 36 at best. At 6′7″ tall (long torso), I’ve personally been lucky enough to be able to wear jeans with a 36″ length. Nevertheless, I’ve wandered the shopping malls trying to find something in my style. And infuriatingly, they always put the tall jeans closer to the floor! Those were frustrating days.

When it comes to tall men’s jeans, the best bet is to shop online. This is where you’ll find jeans for tall skinny guys and other hard to find jeans sizes. And the best of the best are the niche shops that do clothes for tall slim men, like my personal favorite option, American Tall. But if not even they can fit you, then there is always MadeToOrderJeans.

Whether you’re looking for jeans up to 42″ length or tall skinny jeans, even 28 x 40, this page will point you in the right direction.

Clothes for Tall Slim Men By American Tall


Tall Men’s Jeans Up To 40″ Inseam
Tall Men’s Jeans Up To 38″ Inseam
Tall Men’s Jeans Up To 36″ Inseam
Custom Jeans for Tall Men

Tall Men’s Jeans up to 40″ Inseam

American Tall

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The next online niche company doing tall men’s jeans I would like to mention is American Tall. I recently tried out a pair of 36 X 38 jeans from them (I’m 215 lbs with a 35″ waist). As you can see, they are a pretty good fit. The style is also nice and modern, neither too baggy nor too tight (I’m grateful to let them pick the style of jeans for me, less decisions the better). The material is great too, mostly cotton with just a bit of spandex to give it a bit of form fitting stretch. This both looks good and is comfortable. The jeans come in both dark and light wash. If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on this brand, check out the full post: American Tall.
American Tall Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys


Yet another mass brand that does jeans for tall slim men is Wrangler. In fact, they do some of the tallest and slimmest jeans out there, including 30 x 38 and even some extremely rare 30 x 40 jeans! You’ll notice a lot of their styles are cowboy. But if you sift through enough, you can find a variety of styles.



This next one is a bit of a surprise. Stetson, who claim to have invented the cowboy hat, doesn’t seem to have any particular focus on tall slim clothes. Their shirts for instance, have regular sizing. But lucky for us, they have a huge selection including 30 x 40 jeans for tall skinny guys. Curiously though, they sometimes skip 38 length. Bet you never thought you’d have to hem jeans, eh?


Like Stetson, Cinch also does cowboy jeans. There seems to be a trend here; cowboy jeans often come in really long and narrow sizes! It may be because cowboy boots have heels and the style needs the pant leg to cover these. But I don’t see any reason why these types of jeans can’t be put to work for particularly tall people too. And luckily, these cowboy jeans also come in a huge range of widths, from a slim 27″ to a wide 44″. The narrowest and tallest jeans for tall skinny guys by Cinch are a 28 x 40!


Tall Men’s Jeans up to 38″ Inseam

ASOS does jeans for tall skinny guys in as long and narrow as a 30 x 38. Their designs are specifically created to appeal to a younger crowd in their 20’s or maybe early 30’s.


The next company I would like to mention is Levi’s. Yes, they are pretty much the biggest name in denim and they mainly target mainstream. But they also do some jeans for tall skinny guys. Specifically, they make the elusive 32 X 38 jeans for tall men.


Tall Men’s Jeans up to 36″ Inseam



Old Navy

Banana Republic

American Eagle

Custom Jeans for Tall Men

Made To Order Jeans

If you can’t find anything off the shelf that fits, then there is always the custom route. And don’t worry, it’s not nearly as expensive as it used to be. Made To Order Jeans, an online tailoring company, does it for $72. There are a couple really neat things about their process. First, they can clone your old jeans (if you ever actually found a pair that fit well). Second, they check in with you later on to see how the jeans are working so they can update your profile. In other words, they work hard to make sure you become a long term customer (good for you and them). Custom jeans may not be for everyone. But for tall men, particularly for big or slim tall men, custom is a fantastic way to go.
Custom Jeans for Tall Men

Check back later for more options for jeans for tall skinny guys…

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39 thoughts on “Jeans for Tall Men, Tall Skinny Guys

  • Linda Cupp-James

    My grandson is 28×38 in pants, I’m finding them longer, but not skinny enough for him. Ideas? Personally, I’ve never had this problem at 5ft.1.

  • Anonymous

    Grandson needs 31 maybe 32 waist but 40 length is there any thing like this anywhere? He normally doesn’t wear jeans but is required to wear them for an event.

    • Tall Sam Post author

      I have yet to come across a 30 x 42… perhaps he could get by with some of the 30 x 40 options mentioned on this page… If you do find a 30 x 42 please let us know here on this page, thanks!

      • JJ

        My 16 y.o. is now wearing 28×36 extremely hard to find jeans or sweatpants. JCP has some in slim/skinny fit in the Arizona brand but sell out very quickly.

  • Johan Stenlund

    My size is 34×38.
    I recently discovered a company based out of Sweden that ships world wide that does custom made jeans.
    They have some base models to choose from and then you can change only the inseam measurement if you like.
    They are more in too the salvage thing if you like that sort of thing.
    I think they do up to 42″ inseam.

  • Cristina

    My son is 19, 6’1, 30 inch waist, and 3v4-36″ Most jeans are LOOSE in thigh, butt and calves! He doesn’t like “skinny” jeans which show just how thin he is. Wrangler doesn’t have anything in his size at their store online that isn’t too short and at least 32″ waist. UGH!

    • Lovebug777


      I have no idea, but if you find out, let me know. I have a son you is 6′ 7″. He is in the higher 200’s and very tall. The “34” in inseem doesn’t work anymore. They either make clothes for tall men or Big, but not both. The jeans and pants are only made so long, no matter how big they make them!

    • Tall Life Post author

      You husband is an outlier among oultiers. It will definitely be hard to find jeans for him. If none of the options I list on this page have large enough waists, he might have to go custom… like those by Best of luck!

  • Fain

    Thank you very much for this website. I, like you, am tall and somewhat thinner these days. In Santa Fe NM, good luck finding any jean, pant, sweat pant, or bottom of any kind in anything over a 30 inch inseam. This website is a huge help for me and many others as well. Keep doing as your doing, great job.


    • Tall Life Post author

      One of the great mysteries of the universe… seriously though, it is a pain. But at least we get better sizing than women. I was astounded to find out women’s jeans don’t typically come by inseam but rather only short, regular, and long!

  • Jana

    My 15 year old is 6′ 8″ and is comfortable in a 34″ waist X 44″ length jean for now. Needless to say, his legs a very very long. Wrangler still has this size, but that is the only place I’m finding what I need and would like some more options. He will likely be in a longer pant before long and I’m struggling! Any advice on a pant length longer than 44″ with a waist size 34-35″? Any help is appreciated.

    • Tall Life Post author

      Wow, that is really long. Before you mentioned it, I had no clue Wrangler made jeans that long. But sure enough, they do have one style that long! To the best of my knowledge, there are no longer jeans off the rack. Luckily though, custom is becoming much cheaper. Just google “custom jeans” and you will find multiple companies competing for your business 🙂

  • Mary Kay

    This is great. But what about tall boys. I have a super skinny 9 year old that is 5’1″. I can’t find pants long enough for him. Please help.

    • Tall Life Post author

      If none of the options on this page work, then best to try custom, google “custom jeans”. I’ll test some of these out at some point…

  • Tosino

    Hello, pls my husband is 6.7 tall. It’s difficult to find his size of jeans. His waistline is 38 while the length is 49.I will really appreciate if you can get the size for us. Thanks.

  • tj

    I just found this page!! it’s great! my son is 6’5 and 14 yrs old. impossible to find sizes 36 x 40 here in Canada….until now just have to pay USD and possible shipping. But I will have a happy guy going back to school in Sept! Awesome page. Thanks!

    • AngryGiant

      I am 6’8”, and wear 36/38 waist, and 38/40 inseam.
      The wrangler pants are a decent option, and they have a number of styles. I also recently found a pair of 501s, in 38×38. I didn’t even know they came that long.
      I found that Amazon actually has jeans and pants in my size now, and there seems to be a fairly decent approval rating. Their styles seem modern too.
      American eagle, old navy (believe it or not), Dickie’s for sure, and carhart, all make jeans and pants, that fit me. And the styles are up to date. Unlike Big and Tall, or Richard’s..

  • Mom 4 w 1 tall son

    Need stylish Jean’s like rocks or american eagle distressed Jean’s for 6’8 tall son who is 16. 34 to 36′ waist PLEASE HELP.