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When it comes to tall men’s jackets, it is particularly important to get a good fit. This is because, more than other tall men’s clothing, it is protection against the elements that is most important. And when a jacket isn’t long enough in the torso or sleeves and is baggy, it doesn’t work out so well.

With the rise of online shopping has come a proliferation of tall men’s jackets. You can now find a wide variety of athletic, work, and stylish jackets in tall sizes. There are even some really specific tall men’s jackets, like camo, fire resistant, and safari.

I’ve tried out jackets from the first few brands listed below. For your reference, I’m 6″7″ and 215 lbs.

American Tall

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American Tall is a niche company that makes clothes for tall men. They got their start with common items like t-shirts and jeans. More recently, they’ve started making jackets for tall men too. And what is truly exceptional here is that they include extra tall sizes! They even have a medium extra tall men’s jackets for the really tall and slim men among us.

American Tall Jackets for Tall Men


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Navas is a niche clothing company catering specifically to tall slim men. They’re based on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver (where the clothes are also made!), and they’re style reflects this. The year round cool and damp climate and the active lifestyle encouraged by the gorgeous mountains inspired their line of athletic jackets for tall skinny guys. Note that these aren’t winter jackets but rather work best in typical spring and fall weather. Navas puts lots of thought and care into their designs as demonstrated by all the nifty pockets and stylish textures. They sent me their Mads tall men’s jacket in brown and I highly approve. It is my go to jacket in the spring and fall. I’m wearing size XLT in the first image below. I normally wear medium tall or large tall, but the XLT clearly fits me well here. The second image is of the founder wearing the various Navas tall men’s jackets. Read more about Navas here: Introducing Navas.

Navaslab Mads Brown Tall Jacket

Mads in brown

Navaslab Jackets for Tall Skinny Guys


I consider Columbia to be the go-to option when it comes to winter jackets for tall men. They’ve been catering to tall men as far back as I can remember, and they’re good at it. They also make a wide array of quality jackets and vests for fall and spring. I actually just bought an Alpine Action jacket in large tall. It is just ever so slightly on the baggy side, but that makes room for a thick sweater on frigid days. It is plenty long in the arms and torso and could probably work for someone quite a bit taller than myself.



For those of us who are less interested in ski jackets and would rather go with something like a work jacket, Carhart is a great option. They sell some really rugged tall men’s jackets. A lot of their jackets are the sherpa type, which while not necessarily the lightest, are known to be warm. Carhart also does some tall men’s rain jackets.



Dickies is a lot like Carhart in that they’re geared more towards work clothing and less so athletic clothing. And lucky for us, they also do tall mens jackets. In addition to tall sherpas and canvas jackets, they also do a diamond quilted jacket.



Yes, the same company that makes those enormous yellow machines also makes jackets for tall men. And not suprisingly, these jackets look like the kind worn by the drivers of such machines. A lot of their jackets have safety features like reflective strips to be seen at night. Some of their jackets are actually flame resistant!


Aero Tech Designs

Aero Tech Designs focuses on athletic clothing such as for running and cycling. They’re one of the few companies out there to make tall men’s cycling clothes, and the only to make a tall men’s cycling jacket. In fact, they make several different tall men’s athletic jackets. A few years back they sent me a jacket to try out. I can confirm that it is both long enough and of excellent quality. They don’t make that model any more, though I’d wager the new ones are even better.


Cutter and Buck

Cutter and Buck is another company that focuses on athletic clothing, though less related to cycling and more golf. The outerwear they do is on the high-end and some of the pricier clothing listed on this page.



Levi’s, the company that is synonymous with denim, has been good to us tall folk over the years with the extra long jeans (albeit online). And as they branch out into other types of clothing, they continue to be good to us. They now make a wide variety of tall men’s jackets, from leather and denim to pea coats and puffer jackets. If you’re more interested tall stylish jacket than a work or athletic jacket, Levi’s is a good way to go.



Wrangler is also well known for their jean jackets, which also happen to come in tall sizes. Where wrangler differ’s from Levi’s is more emphasis on workwear. For instance, they do a pretty rugged tall men’s barn coat as well as ranger’s and tradesman’s jackets.


Free Country

If you’re looking for a tall men’s ski jacket but don’t want to shell out the dough for a Columbia jacket, Free Country is a good alternative. The reviews are generally positive with appreciation for the quality, warmth, look, and particularly, the price. They do both standard and 3-in-1 style jackets.


Landing Leather

Landing Leathers does a variety of tall men’s leather jackets, and suede too. They do some indy-style jackets as well as jackets that relate to military roles: Bomber, air force, flight, tanker, munitions, etc.


London Fog

For the tall men out there looking for a more sophisticated look, London Fog is a good option. They have tall men’s peacoats, topcoats, stadium and golf jackets, and even a bleecker jacket, whatever that is! They’re also trying to get a bit more modern with hipster and puffer jackets.



Kingsize is as much a distributor as it is a brand. So it’s no surprise they cover the most bases when it comes to tall men’s jackets. They have everything from quilted to athletic to leather jackets, and even some parkas too.


Berne’s focus is on outerwear for hunting and working. They have camo, reflective, and even what they call a gasoline jacket, all in tall sizes. In fact, some of their stuff even comes in the elusive medium tall size.



Just when I thought we’d covered all the bases, I came across MidwayUSA. They actually sell a safari jacket for tall people! It even comes in medium tall! So if you ever want to check out some real giraffes, now you can look good doing it. Really though, MidwayUSA’s focus is more on hunting jackets, for which they sell many varieties in tall sizes.


Still can’t find that perfect tall jacket? Check out some more options below:

Tommy Hilfiger
Hawkes and Co
Boulder Creek
Buffalo David Bitton

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  • Jennifer

    I have two sons oldest is 6’4 and 2nd son is 6’8. Both are very skinny. Why cant they have a site made for tall and skinny.! I find clothes for them that fit arm length but can wrap 3 times around them. If anyone knows of a place/site for tall and skinny young men, please help!

  • Michele

    Looking for a (Michigan) winter coat for my teenage son, 6’6″, 175lbs (soaking wet). These sites either don’t have MT or they are out of them. Jeans start at 32″, he’s a 28″ waist. Thanks for pulling this site together. I wish it had more options.