Lounge Pants for Tall Slim Men

Navas sent me some lounge pants for tall slim men a little while back. I’ve gotten around to trying them out and will share my thoughts. First though, what exactly are lounge pants? Well, as the name suggests, they’re intended for lounging around. But while Navas’ new tall slim pants can do this perfectly fine, I think they’ve got a lot of other potential uses too!

Lounge pants for tall slim men

These tall slim pants are made from a french terry cotton blend. As with Navas’ other stuff, they are sustainably made in Vancouver Canada. They drape nicely with an incredibly soft feel. They could be used as track pants, sweat pants, or just general use everyday pants (they have handy pockets). I think I’ll use mine for yoga too.

As far as the fit, they aren’t too baggy and aren’t too tight. The fit is just perfect in my oppinion. As a tall skinny guy, getting in this sweat spot is crucial for not accentuating how slim I am. The tall slim pants they sent me are a size 36 x 36. I’m about 210 lbs and 6’7″, for your reference.

In the pic below, I’ve paired the pants with their Hawkins hoodie for tall slim men. It’s a great match. Time to go for a jog!

Sweats for Tall Slim Men

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