Extra Long Crutches for Tall People

About a year ago, I found out I would be having hip surgery. I would be on crutches for six weeks. This concerned me as, at 6’7″, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to find long enough crutches. And after a bit of preliminary searching, my concerns appeared valid as 6’6″ seemed to be the limit. But then I came across some extra long crutches for tall people suitable all the way up to 7’2″!

Hugo Mobility Tall Crutches for Tall People up to 6’6″
Millennial Medical Long Crutches for Tall People up to 6’8″
Millennial Medical Extra Long Crutches for Tall People up to 7’2″

So I purchased a set. I adjusted them so that I had about three finger widths between the padding and my armpit. Then I set the handle height so that there was maybe a 15 degree bend in my elbow. I was quite comfortable in this position. There was lots of adjustability remaining on the overall length, so someone taller than myself could use these extra tall crutches for tall people. 7’2″ might be a bit of a stretch though as I only have one more hole for handle adjustability.

Extra Long Crutches for Tall People

At the time of writing this, I’ve already used these extra long crutches for tall people for five weeks, so I’m just about done. They’ve held up really well. My only complaint is that one of the rubber feet broke. It was simple and cheep to replace though. Note that these feet use the same inner diameter as cane feet rather than crutch feet as the bottoms are actually narrower than standard crutches. Also, make sure the screw on the handles remains tight as I had mine loosen a couple times.

3/4″ Cane Tip Feet for Extra Tall Crutches for Tall People

On the positive side, I really appreciated the open design (as opposed to closed V). I found this allowed me to carry all kinds of stuff I couldn’t have with the traditional medical crutch design. Plus it just looks unique (you’ll get lots of questions). I also appreciated the shock absorbing springs on the feet. I should mention though that they do take a bit of getting used to.

Extra Long Crutches for Tall People Good for Carrying Stuff

If you happen to know of any other extra long crutches for tall people, please tell in the comments below.

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