Extra Tall Jackets for Tall Men

Jackets are somewhat of a specialty clothing item. So it’s even harder for us tall men to find a good fit than with more common clothing, like t-shirts. What makes matters worse is that a poor fit isn’t just an aesthetic problem. It’s a functional problem. Too short of jacket sleeves can result in cold wrists. And too short of a jacket torso can allow in a draft that will leave you feeling frigid. So tall men’s jackets are a huge help for tall people.

I remember well the first time I wore a tall sized jacket. It was dramatically better than the regular length jackets I’d previously owned. It kept me warmer and looked way better. But at 6’7″ and 215 lbs, I still found I had to get too large of a size in order to get enough length, resulting in a baggy fit. But I just made due as there was no other option, short of custom tailoring something.

American Tall Jackets for Tall Men

American Tall

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But then along came American Tall, with their most endearing habit of providing their tall men’s clothing in EXTRA tall sizes! Just recently, they did this for a variety of tall men’s jackets. These include a tall men’s puffer jacket, jean jacket, blazer, shirt jacket, and bomber jacket. I tried out their tall men’s puffer and shirt jackets. For the puffer jacket, I went with large extra tall. If you look at the pick below, you’ll see it fits almost as if it was custom tailored for my tall slim frame. No other jacket on the planet will fit me like this!

Puffer Extra Tall Mens Jacket

It’s a mid-weight jacket that feels to me like it we be fairly warm even in temperatures a bit below freezing. And the snug hood should do a fine job keeping the wind and rain out.

For the shirt jacket, I actually just went with large tall (not extra tall). This is my own style preference as I feel un-tucked button up shirts should fit a bit short. Personally, I think this resulted in a really nice fit for me (pic below).

Shirt Jacket for Tall Men

The shirt jacket is 100% cotton except I bet the inner sleeves are made from something like polyester. It has a cozy flannel-like inside while the outside has a soft suede feel to it. The nice surprise is that it has an inside breast pocket in addition to the exterior jacket pockets.

Tall Mens Shirt Jacket

American Tall has done a fine job with their inaugural tall men’s jackets. And if you are around my height or taller, then their extra tall men’s jackets really are the best way to go. Here’s hoping they do a full fledged winter jacket soon 🙂

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