Tall Long Sleeve Shirts for Tall Men by TST 6

Tall Slim Tees (TST) is now selling some new tall mens clothing: tall long sleeve shirts. They gave me a couple to try out.

I previously gave a positive review to their tall t-shirts, and I stand by this even after multiple washings. Note though that I never put my shirts in the drier; too many good shirts turned into belly shirts that way!

Aside from the sleeves, their tall long sleeve shirts are quite similar to their tall t-shirts including the nicely draping 50-50 polyester and cotton material blend. The fit is also similar and I, at 6’7 and 220 lbs, find myself halfway between medium and tall. Nevertheless, either of these fit me better than most of the other clothes I have owned.

Royal Blue Tall  Long Sleeve Shirt for Skinny Men

Tall Slim Tees

5% Coupon: TALL

They have also added some new colors. I tried out orange and royal blue. I definitely prefer the royal blue. The orange turned out a bit lighter than it appeared on the website though note these shots were taken on a sunny day.

Orange2With these tall long sleeve shirts, TST is another step closer to putting together a solid clothing line for tall men. Next up might be what is probably my favorite type of top, the hoodie, and a tall hoodie at that. So take a break from big brand clothing that doesn’t fit and help these guys build our clothing line! The promo code “tall” will get you 5% off.

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