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Not only do too short of snow pants look silly, they let the snow in too! I remember trying on snow pant after snow pant back in my skiing and snowboarding days to no avail. As with other tall men’s clothing, finding men’s tall snow pants was really hard back then. Online shopping has made this a lot easier. The brands below should hopefully get you covered!

Extra Long Snow and Ski Pants for Tall People


Columbia’s Bugaboo II snow pants come in a large tall. The inseam is said to be 34-36. I’m sure though that tall men with somewhat longer inseams will do fine with these. At 6′7″, I wear 36″ inseam jeans and have actually gotten by with Columbia’s regular length snow pants. I’ve used them for probably a decade and they’ve held up nicely.


Another option is Arctix. What is really great about them is that they actually make small tall and medium tall in addition to large tall snow pants. So the tall skinny guys among us can get a decent fitting pair of snow pants. They do both bib and regular men’s tall snow pants for skiing and snow boarding. Their extra long snow pants for tall men are said to have a 34″ inseams. Once again, I think tall men with longer inseams will get by with these. Besides, there really isn’t much other choice!


Pulse also does medium tall snowpants for tall slim men. The inseam is said to be from 34″-35″ long. Widths go from medium (31″-32″) to extra large (36″-38″). I hadn’t heard of Pulse until researching for this post. They do seem to have fairly decent reviews though with a reasonable price, so definitely worth trying if the size is right.


TSLA Men’s Rip-Stop Snow Pants look like another decent option for snowpants for tall men. Note they refer to their tall sizes as long rather than tall. They have a medium tall which should work well as snowpants for tall skinny guys.



Obermeyer also refers to their tall sizes as long. And they too have medium long snowpants. The big difference from other ski and snowboard pants for tall men I’ve mentioned so far is that Obermeyer does some really high end stuff. This of course does come at a price.


Gash Hao

If you are looking for soft shell snowboard and ski pants for tall men, then a decent option is Gash Hao. What I really like about them is that they size via actual width and inseam measurements. This makes it easier to find a good fit. Their inseams only go up to 34″ long though, which will be a stretch for particularly tall people.t.


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18 thoughts on “Men’s Tall Snow Pants for Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Anonymous

    Also try Beyond clothing…they make military gear and their “long” options are great and not baggie. I’m 6’6″ 220 lbs and their large long fit me quite snug.

  • Ridgetopoby

    i wear 36″ inseam pants and Patagonia’s ski pants are long enough that they do not rise up over the tops of my boots and allow snow in un like almost every other pair of ski pants I’ve tried. Patagonia ski clothing is expensive but you get what you pay for, these things will never wear out.

  • Enaikay

    I wear 38″-39″ inseam and 37″ waist (I’m 6’10” and ski about 50 days a season) and the best fitting ski pants, and I’ve tried them all, are Columbia if I was on a budget but the Norrona stuff is the best. Norrona lofoten pro pants in a L are currently in their 4th season and have only required reproofing of the gore Tex liner once so far. I have put them through milti-day tours and lots of tree skiing and they look as good as the day they were new

    • Tall Life Post author

      That is a lot of skiing! I’m guessing you have put a lot of thought into skiing equipment for extremely tall people. Would you consider writing a guest post about skiing for tall people? I’m certain it would be of great value to many of the readers here.
      Thanks for writing in and the tips!

      • Anonymous

        Good Day Tall Life Folks
        I am 6’8″, 255, wear a size 15 US boot, 60yrs old and still ski 15-20 days per year. I used to patrol in Alaska and I now am an instructor for Adaptive Adventures. To say that finding ski gear for a tall person is a challenge is an understatement. Along with many other items of need/want. I would love to learn more about how you can help tall folks and be a contributor as well.
        Richard Clark

        • Tall Life Post author

          Hi Richard, please write a guest post about being a tall adventure skier, people would be thrilled to read it here, I am certain!!

    • Andrew

      Do you mind if I ask what jacket you would recommend? I’m also 6’10” and an avid skier, but struggle to fing high quality gear.

        • Andrew

          Thank you very much for the reply. I’ve tried Columbia, but I’m I bit the for their gear. Curious how I might be able to get Enaikay (above) to reply re: what jacket (since he’s also 6’10. Not sure how to direct message, but any guidance would certainly be helpful. The Norrona gear is intriguing (surprising it fits him when they don’t appear to carry Tall sizes).

          • Tall Life Post author

            Unfortunately, this site doesn’t keep contact information because of stringent European privacy laws that are too onerous for a small site to comply with. Perhaps he’ll check back on this page again someday…

    • Brendan

      Hello Enaikay- I am 6’6″ with 37″ inseam (I’m all legs). My waist is 37″ also. Do you wear the XL? What is the length of the inseam?

  • RLC

    I am 6’8”, 250 lbs. Former patroller at Alyeska. You should reach out to Bryce Bennet, downhiller on US Ski Team. 6’7”, tallest guy on circuit.

  • Mom of a tall son

    Son is 6 ’10” with 32 inch waist. approx. 180-185 pounds What are best options for ski pants? and does any one make custom ski pants?

    • Tall Life Post author

      That’s going to find long enough snow pants with a long enough inseam for someone that tall… Some of the options on this page have inseams up 36″, but all are going to be quite short for that height…