Top Tall People Problems 5

As any tall person would agree, there are a lot of tall people problems out there. As a memento of our torment, I believe us worthy of our very own Tall People Problems poster. I commissioned a talented illustrator (over 2m (6’7″) tall himself so he can relate) to do the drawings that you all voted to be the biggest tall people problems.

Legroom on buses, planes, trains
The Question: “Wow you’re tall, how tall are you?”
Sinks and counters are too low
Slouching for social reasons and to hear better

Tall People Problem #5 Desks are too small

Desks, chairs, furniture are too small
Bad headroom, legroom, visibility in cars

Tall People Problem #7 Dont' fit in bathtubs

Bathtubs too small

Tall People Problem #8 Dumb Jokes

Bad jokes: “How’s the weather up there?”
Feet hanging off the bed

Tall People Problem #10 Always blocking peoples views

Blocking other people’s view
Always got to be in the back for photos
Hugs are awkward
Seeing over the bathroom stall
Can’t see your face in the mirror
Back pain
Having to order stuff online
Having to duck for tree branches
Walk faster than others with your long legs
Too easily spotted in a crowd
Get light headed when you stand up
Trouble finding shoes
Hitting your head on doorways
Can’t stretch out on couches
Spider webs in the face
Being asked to grab stuff all the time
Getting mauled by umbrellas
Accidental footsies
Shovels and other tools too short
Cold extremities (fingers)
Deep end of the pool isn’t deep

Tall People Problem #31 Tall Awkward Dancing
Dancing issues
Can’t stand straight and hold a kid’s hand
Little guys want to fight
Putt-putt clubs too short
Too tall for amusement park rides
Tend to break stuff a lot
Tripping people
So many injuries
Often cut out of photographs
Expensive feeding yourself
Everyone wants a piggy back
Feet hang out of tent

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5 thoughts on “Top Tall People Problems

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  • Pingback: Top 3 Things Tall People Get Asked | Bulls' Top 3

  • Pedro O.

    LOL! This his hilarious. I have had all of these issues, sometimes multiple at a single time; e.g. back pain and frozen finger tips working my short snow shovel. And the spiderwebs, right on the nose. Keep it up!

  • PeteyB

    How about hand/wrist in the ceiling fan when putting on a shirt.

    About knocked myself out first time I got in my mom’s 2018 Hyundai Elantra; still forget to duck far enough when getting in from time to time.

  • Tyden

    Rear-view mirror in car just blocks out half the windshield
    Baseball caps block vision above the eyebrows, leading to far more head injuries from low-hanging signs/doorframes/tree branches