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gifts for tall people 2018

Below is the 2018 Gifts for Tall People List. On it you’ll find some awesome tall friendly things as well as DIY projects for the crafty gift givers. For even more tall people gift ideas, check out the main list: Gifts for Tall People.

Raised Cutting Boards for Tall People

This year I demonstrated a super easy way to build a raised cutting board for tall people. Basically, you just attach some furniture legs to a cutting board. For a small sum, you can potentially save your tall person from unnecessary back pain in the kitchen. I use mine every day and could never go back to doing prep work at a regular counter top height. You can see how I did it here: Raised Cutting Board for Tall People.

Raised Cutting Board for Tall People

Extra Long Snow Shovel

Shoveling snow is notoriously hard on the back. Throw in a shovel that is way too short and a group of people already prone to back pain and you have a recipe for disaster. So it would be awesome if you could find your tall person an extra long snow shovel specifically for tall people. But as far as I know, such a shovel doesn’t. The alternatives are: telescopic, scoop shovel, ergonomic handle attachment, and DIY. For more info, see Extra Long Snow Shovels for Tall People.

Gardena Combisystem Snow Shovel Head
Gardena Combisystem 59″ Tool Handle
Extra Long 62″ Snow Shovel
Snow Joe with Handle Extension
Snow Shovel Handle Extension for tall people
Shovel Handle Extension
Backsaver Grip Attachment

Clothes from Niche Tall Shops

Some of the niche tall men’s clothing brands have made big strides this year. American Tall has more than doubled their inventory of styles. I tried out their new tall men’s athletic clothing, hoodies, and chinos too. And Tall Slim Tees is also growing fast, drawing on the same awesome fit of their t-shirts to expand into more long sleeve clothing. And Navas Lab has been pushing forward on their bamboo fabrics made in Canada.

Tall.Life still hasn’t ventured into tall women’s clothing, but FYI there are some great niche shops catering specifically to tall women too. Long Tall Sally is the obvious one. Another good one is Tall and All.

Clothes for Tall Slim Men by Tall Slim Tees         Clothes for Tall Slim Men By American Tall         ASOS Clothes for Tall Slim Men         ASOS Clothes for Tall Slim Men

Strollers for Tall People

If your tall person has a little future tall person they’ve been pushing around, chances are their stroller isn’t tall enough. Having a young toddler myself, I have very much appreciated having a decent height stroller. I did a lot of research which eventually lead to a Britax b-ready (max 44″ handle height) stroller. Jogging strollers can be found with even higher handles, particularly doubles jogging strollers. Yet another option is to simply attach some bike bar ends for an extra few inches. See Strollers for Tall Parents for more.

Britax B-Ready: 33-44″ Handle Height
BOB Strides Duallie Fitness: 50.5″
Bike Bar Ends

Extra Long Snowpants for Tall People

When everyday pants aren’t long enough, the worst that can happen is you look a bit silly. But when snowpants aren’t long enough, you could end up cold and wet, with snow fillng your boots. Extra long snowpants make particularly great christmas gifts for tall people, what with it being the beginning of snow season. The best brand for both tall men and tall women right now is Arctix, with the runner up being Columbia. If these aren’t long enough for your tall person, don’t get get discouraged; I know of a company getting into extra long outdoor pants that hopes to launch some time in the next year, so stay tuned.

Arctix Tall Women’s Snow Pants
Arctix Tall Men’s Snow Pants

Hiking Backpacks for Tall People

This year I modified a regular hiking backpack to better fit a tall person like myself. I realize not a lot of people have time for something like this. So I also did do a bit of searching to see what was available off the shelf, and I did come across a pack that has a huge range of adjustment. It’s the Killarney by Rockwater Designs. If your tall person is into hiking, this would make a great gift.

Rockwater Designs 85L Killarney Hiking Backpack

Tents for Tall People

And if they’re into hiking, you can be fairly certain they’ll need a decent sized tent too–one that their legs don’t hang out of. This year, I did a fairly comprehensive review of what’s out there in terms of tall friendly tents. Below are three examples in the ultralight, long, and tall categories. For the full post, see Tents for Tall People. I also get into tents on wheels for the tall glampers out there.

ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 1.5-Person Tent 96″ Long Tent
Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin 96″ x 84″ x 58″ (L x W x H) Tent
Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting 87″ Tall Tent

Custom Tailored Clothes for Tall People

I already mentioned some clothes made specifically for tall people. But perhaps your tall person is too tall for even these or has unusual proportions. Or maybe they just appreciate an impeccable fit. If this is the case, then custom is the way to go. And it’s not as expensive as you might think. The online company Hockerty, for instance, does a custom tailored shirt for as low as $59. This year I got a custom tailored three piece suit made by them and it is the best fitting suit I’ve ever had by far. They have a sister company called Sumissura that does custom women’s clothes.

Custom Clothes for Tall Slim Men         Custom Clothes for Tall Women

Tall Life the Book

This is the companion book for this website. It was updated just this year after much feedback from the tall community. If your tall person has already read it, there are a few other books for tall people you might have a look at instead.

Tall Life

DIY Universal Handle Extension

The handles on all manner of objects are too low for us, which could contribute to our increased risk of back pain. And only a few types of handle extensions exist. So this year I devised a universal handle extension for tall people that can be used for wagons, spin bikes, tools, and many other things. If you’re handy, you might be able to build one too (first image link below). If not, another way to extend a lot of different handles is simply with bike bar ends or luggage handle extension straps. If you commonly see your tall person hunching over to hold a handle of some sort, this would be a welcome gift.

Universal Handle Extension for Tall People
Bike Bar Ends
Luggage Handle Extension

Tesla Model X

This is the most exuberant gift for tall people out there. But if you happen to be a multimillionaire, then this would be a stellar option. I sat in a Model X myself. It’s not as tall friendly as say a Ford Transit Connect, but it’s the best all electric car for tall people out there. In addition to decent head and legroom, it also has this spectacular panoramic windshield that lets us easily see any traffic light.

That’s all for this year’s updates. If you’re still looking for more ideas, you might check out the main Gifts for Tall People page. Let me know if you have any other ideas or things you want me to investigate in 2019!

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