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Times are changing for tall slim guys. It used to be we couldn’t find a proper fitting shirt anywhere. But now there are a variety of shops that cater specifically to us. These shops have covered many of the staples, from t-shirts to jeans. What’s been missing though is the more unique styles. Navas is taking a first step in filling this void with their West Coast style clothes for tall slim guys.

At 6′6″ and 215 lbs, Alex (the founder) has a vested interest in tall slim clothes. And living in Vancouver, he has a good sense of style trends out that way. Navas’ manufacturer happens to also be located in Vancouver, just down the street, and some of their material, namely their bamboo, comes from Ontario. The whole operation is a really forward thinking and sustainable way to make clothes.

Mads in black

Alex wearing Mads in black

Navas sent me a bunch of stuff to try out. Most of their stuff is hooded, by the way; must be all the rain out there! I’m 6′7″ and 215 lbs and found XLT to be the right size for me. The Mads jacket was my favorite, firstly because it is the only jacket designed specifically for tall slim men that I have tried, but also because it is a really cool jacket. It’s got some great details and the fabric has an interesting heathered pattern reminiscent of tweed.

Navaslab Mads Brown Tall Jacket

Mads in brown

Navaslab Materials and Details

Mads and Hicks materials and details

By the way, if you’re wondering about how they name their clothing, it’s all movie characters. The name of the company on the other hand, was borrowed from Alex’s cat. The logo is a rendition of the cat as a constellation to draw the attention of seekers and explorers, their likely market.

I also tried a couple of their hoodies, the blue Hicks and grey Hawkins. Of the two, I really like the Hicks. Like Mads, it is really unique. The heathered blue fabric and nifty details make it really unlike anything I’ve worn before.

Navaslab Hicks Blue Tall Hoodie

Hicks in blue

Navaslab Hawkins Grey Tall Hoodie

Hawkins in grey

The fit of all their clothes in general is great for a tall slim guy like myself. I have found the sleeves to be a tad long, but then I think I have slightly short arms for someone my height. The t-shirt could also be a tad snugger around my arms, but then again maybe I just need to work on my biceps!

Navaslab Tall T-shirt

Navas is exclusively online at the moment. But don’t worry about the shipping cost, they’ll take care of that. One of their goals for 2017 is to make it into some physical shops too. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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