Jeans for Tall Women, Tall Slim Ladies

If you’ve been trying to find long jeans for tall women at the mall, I’m certain you’ve been very frustrated. The fact is malls cater to near average height people. So if you’re particularly tall, then it’s best to buy online, particularly with tall specific brands. This is especially true for those looking for jeans for tall slim women. On this page, I’ll list the best options for jeans for tall women, including those with a skinny build.

American Tall

American Tall is a well established tall men’s clothing brand that recently started making tall women’s clothing too. What’s great about this is that they’ve decided to size their tall women’s jeans in the same sensible way men’s jeans are done: Actual waist and inseam measurements. Currently, their tall women’s jeans are available all the way up to a 37″ inseam. And they even have 27″ x 37″ jeans for tall slim women.

Given how recently they got into tall women’s clothing, you probably haven’t heard of them yet. But if the way they took the tall men’s clothing world by storm is any indication of how they’ll do, then best keep an eye on them!

Jeans for Tall Women Tall Slim Ladies by American Tall

Alloy Apparell

Alloy Apparel sounds like a generic name, but it is in fact a tall specific brand. They cover pretty much the whole range of tall women’s clothing even including outerwear and dresses. Where they really excel though is in tall women’s jeans. They have a huge range of styles and some in inseam lengths all the way up to 39″!

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally might just be the biggest tall women’s clothing brand (they’ve actually made it into some shopping malls!). And this translates to a ton of options for jeans for tall women. Their longest inseam seems to be 38″.

Simply Tall

Simply Tall is another fairly comprehensive tall women’s clothing brand. They have some very trendy tall skinny jeans in inseams all the way to to 38″ long.

Height of Fashion

Height of Fashion is a small but carefully curated tall women’s clothing brand. They have jeans in inseam lengths up to 36″ in sizes ranging from 10 to 18.

Made To Order Jeans

If you still haven’t found long enough tall women’s jeans, then you might consider going the custom route. There are actually a number of custom brands out there, Made To Order Jeans being just one.
Custom Jeans for Tall Slim Women

More Niche Tall Women’s Jeans Brands

Below are some more tall specific brands to consider that sell jeans for tall women.
Height Goddess
Tall Order Clothing
Highley Tall

General Brands with Tall Women’s Jeans

Below are some general brands that happen to stock jeans for tall women. I’ve always thought that tall specific brands have the longest length. But some of these general brands are pretty great too. ASOS in particularly has really long sizes, all the way up to 38″. They even have 24″ x 38″ jeans for tall slim women! Note this list is by no means comprehensive, rather just some of the better options.


Silver Jeans





If you know of any other great options, please tell in the comments below.

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