Tailoring with ZipSeam, Instant Tall Shirt

How many times have you picked the XL size just to make sure it was long enough? Perhaps one was so baggy you’ve even had someone try to crawl inside, thinking it was a tent.

Maybe you figured you could fix it down the road. You know, get it tailored. But getting a shirt custom tailored is expensive and time consuming and tailoring it yourself is no easy matter either. I thought my solution was getting my girlfriend, an amateur yet competent seamstress, to take a crack at it. Still waiting… Tall men’s clothing in general has been a struggle for me.

Zip Seam Instant Tailoring

When all seemed lost… enter ZipSeam! ZipSeam is a 5 minute tailoring solution that is currently being launched on Kick Starter. I was sent an early prototype to test out. It took about 5 minutes to install, just as advertised.

Zip Seam For Tailoring Tall Mens Shirts
ZipSeam Installed To Tailor Tall Shirt

The ZipSeam essentially pinches the shirt material. It can be adjusted to take off as much or as little shirt material as you choose. I installed it to take off about an inch from either side of my shirt. You can really see the difference the ZipSeam makes in the side view below (my tail is gone).It did at first feel odd to have something stiff in my shirt, but I quickly got used to that. I also noticed the ZipSeam shifted down a bit over time but I’m told this is only an issue with the prototype; a metal piece will clamp down on the bottom of the production version of the ZipSeam.

zipseam tailoring shirt for tall guy

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