Flannel Shirts for Tall Men

On this page I’ll have a look at the best flannel shirts for tall men. I’ll add more options eventually, but for now, Long John & Son’s (LJ&S) tall men’s flannel shirts are all you really need. In case you haven’t heard of them, LJ&S is a brand catering specifically to tall men. Where they stand out from the crowd is by providing not only tall sizes, but extra tall sizes! Their clothes are designed with a particular emphasis on ruggedness and durability.

Long John & Son’s

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Best Flannel Shirts for Tall Men

Besides the tall friendly sizing, what I also really like about these flannel shirts for tall men is their sturdiness. The seams are reinforced and the fabric is 100% cotton, with very little stretch. It almost feels like you could make army tents out of the material. This isn’t to say it’s uncomfortable–quite the opposite–as they still have a softness to them you’d expect with flannel. And they drape nicely too. They are available in black, red, and blue.

The one I tried out was red in size large tall (I’m 6’7, 215 lbs). I actually tried out medium first, but it was a bit too tight around my waist. The length is just right such that I could tuck it in but it doesn’t look too long untucked.

Flannel Shirts for Tall Men

In addition to flannel shirts for tall men, LJ&S also has plaid, twill, and denim shirts for tall men. If you like their tall men’s flannel shirts, then I suggest checking these out too.

Plaid, Twill, and Denim Shirts for Tall Men

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