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If the first time out in public donning skin tight cycling clothes isn’t embarrassing enough, try doing it with ill fitting ones. I did the rounds of my local bike shops in search of a tall cycling jersey, but the best I came across left me revealing my belly like a teenage girl might.

And then I came across Aero Tech Designs and their selection of tall cycling jerseys and other tall cycling clothes. First I tried out a yellow tall cycling jersey. I was actually able to select the large version as opposed to standard clothes where I always choose XL to get more length (I’m 6’7″).

Cycling Jersey for Tall Guy

Standard vs Aerotech Cycling Jersey for Tall Guy

Pleased with the results, I contacted them about writing a blog post. They sent me some tall bib shorts and a tall cycling jacket. For tall people, standard bib shorts are not an option; you need to ride shorts low if you are to maintain any level of decency, and suspenders can inhibit that. Aero Tech Design’s tall specific bib shorts solve this problem.

Cycling Jacket for Tall Guy

The Portland Tall Cycling jacket they sent me is fantastic. It is a true fowl weather cycling jacket:

  • Extra long tail to protects your butt from wheel splash
  • Easily long enough sleeves that have wrist bands with thumb holes to seal in body heat
  • Super reflective so cars can spot you
  • Big back pocket, two front pockets, and rear water bottle pockets
  • Comfortable fleece lining

I think it is safe to say this is the best tall cycling jacket you will find, anywhere.

Tall Cycling Jacket Extra Long, Reflective for Night Visibility

The Portland based company has been operating since the 80’s. It was around that time that domestic manufacturing began to be challenged by overseas manufacturing. Aero Tech Designs (as it was renamed in 2004), however, has kept the vast majority of it’s manufacturing domestic. I asked if their staff was particularly tall. Not so, they replied, they just cater to what there customers need, a fine sign for anyone looking for a good quality cycling shop.

Their other tall cycling clothes include tall cycling shorts, tall cycling pants (tights), and tall cycling long sleeve jerseys. For more, see the affiliate links below.


The only thing worse than poorly fitting clothes is poorly fitting spandex clothes. You can avoid this with Aerotech cycling tall men’s clothing. They make some good quality stuff in a variety of colors and for a reasonable price. I really like their jackets in particular. Check out my review of them here: Tall Cycling Jersey and other Tall Cycling Clothes

Check out more tall mens clothing.

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6 thoughts on “Tall Cycling Jersey and other Tall Cycling Clothes

  • Ted

    I have been a road cyclist since 1976. I am 6ft 8in tall, and I had used Aero Tech and Liked it.. But if you want custom made pro kits Bibs Jersey etc go to http://www.boure.com….. All made in Durango Co.. If you call you will talk to Drew very very nice guy…I do not work for them But I do use them.. Oh FYI I buy all my Bibs, Bid Knickers, Bid Tights and Jerseys from Boure and do not need to have it custom made…

  • Dave

    I only see the regular (non-tall) version of the Portland jacket on Aerotech’s website – do you know if they still sell a tall version? Looks like an awesome jacket!

    • Tall Sam Post author

      I think they’ve discontinued it, too bad! They have a couple other tall men’s cycling jackets that look pretty good too though.

  • Jim

    Haven’t seen a tall size cycling jersey that isn’t as boring looking as it gets. Even if it fits, Aerotech makes nothing I’d want to wear. I’m 6’7″, not dead.

    • Tall Life Post author

      LOL. But still better than showing off your belly button, no? Their Pace and Coolmax tall men’s cycling jersey’s are a bit better than their standard one’s. You could always check out the tall men’s cycling jersey’s by Zinn too…