DIY Extra Wide Clothes Hanger for Big and/or Tall People 8

“What the heck is that growing on your shoulder?!”

Bump on shoulder from too narrow clothes hanger

It’s not a growth, my clothes hanger did it!

This is primarily a problem for anyone with wide shoulders (most tall
people). The widest hangers I have come across are 22″ (see image link below), which are decent.

22″ Super Extra Large Clothes Coat Hangers
Clothes Hanger Adjustable to 23″
Extra Wide 22.8″ Bamboo Clothing Hangers

But some people will require even wider. Additionally, even people with narrow shoulders may wish for an alternative with less pointy corners. Below is a tall

Wide clothes hanger for big and tall person
Extra wide clothes hanger compared to narrow hanger


  • 3/8″ (outer diameter) copper pipe (sold at hardware stores for about a buck a foot, yes a bit expensive if you make enough for your entire wardrobe, but as an investment it’s a good hedge against inflation 😉 think gold bullion but a lot cheaper!)
  • Steel wire clothes hanger
DIY extra wide clothes hanger


  • Drill and 3/32″ drill bit
  • Wire cutter
  • Pipe cutter (could use hacksaw and vice)
  • File
  • Tape Measure
DIY extra wide clothes hanger

The video below shows you step by step how to do this adaptation. Essentially, all you have to do is cut and bend the pipe to your desired length and shape, insert the steel wire coat hanger into a drilled hole and do a few wraps to keep it there, file down the sharp edges, and voila, goodbye clothes hanging phobia!

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8 thoughts on “DIY Extra Wide Clothes Hanger for Big and/or Tall People

  • Otto Katz

    Well here's your problem, sweaters aren't supposed to be hung! They're supposed to be tri-folded, and placed neatly in drawers!

    • Tall Adaptations

      Yah, I tried folding all my sweaters, but inevitably they end up in a giant wrinkly pile 🙁 This adapt works good for other types of tops too.

  • Anonymous

    well a google search would list some hangers that are 22" and less than $2. how much is copper pipe at the moment? not to mention your time

    • Tall Adaptations

      Yah, 22" is a good option for a lot of people. But some people might want more, and without the pointy ends. The copper ones probably work out to $4. If you include your time, obviously a lot more, but they are pretty neat when you're done 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Where. Do I get 23 inch hangers , I need 3 . Please don’t tell me to make them , I am no good at making things . Can’t I just buy them , Please


    Did you get my message about making me three 22 inch hangers? I am unable to make them myself. I don’t care about the cost. They are for my wife, and I only want to make her happy. Please