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How tall will I be?

Height Calculator

By inheriting genes from both parents, a child usually grows to their average height. However, the activity of genes can vary, and so too can growth. And beyond genes, there are environmental factors like wellness, activity, and nutrition. Height calculators can’t possibly take all of this into consideration to answer the question, “How tall will I be?” Instead they really only apply to statistical averages. Nevertheless, it can be interesting to try them out.

Below the height prediction is some other interesting predictions relating to percentiles, weight lifting ability, and speed.

This height calculator takes the specified adult height and weight and calculates statistical characteristics. It is not an exact analysis for any given individual. All predictions are relative to a person of average height and weight unless indicated otherwise by a *. For more information, click on the various section titles.

Height Calculator Inputs

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Calculated Height
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The following additional analysis is for characteristics of an adult of the predicted height and weight above. Please note that the results are predictions for a statistical average and do not apply to anyone in particular. All predictions are relative to a person of average height and weight unless indicated otherwise by a *. For more information, click on the various section titles.

Height Percentile Calculator

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BMI and Better BMI VS
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Ideal Weight VS
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Injury and Disease VS Height Calculator

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Income VS
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Intelligence VS
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Weightlifting Ability VS
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Height Calculation Methods

Mid Parental Height Calculation

The simplest height calculator draws on the fact that children inherit genes from both parents. It takes the average height of the parents and add 2.5 inches (6.5cm) for boys or subtract 2.5 inches for girls. But if the child’s height trajectory points to a greater height, don’t go hunting down the mailman just yet; with so many genes involved, some of which may be recessive, and the possibility of environmental influences, child height can differ considerably from parental height.

Calculate by Doubling Height at Age Two

Another popular approach to predicting adult height is to double a boy’s height at age 2 or a girl’s height at age 18 months. While this approach does incorporate the child’s own height, and thus their own genetics, it is over simplified and unlikely to provide an accurate prediction.

Khamis-Roche Height Calculation

The Khamis-Roche Method1 combines the best of both of the above methods by looking at both parental height and the child’s height at the current age. Furthermore, it incorporates weight as this too is telling of growth to come. This is the method used by the height calculator at the beginning of this article.

Bone Age Height Calculators

More advanced height calculators make use of bone age, which is a measure of age based on the size and shape of the bones as seen in radiographs, and formulas such as those found in the Tanner-Whitehouse method. Bone age isn’t always available, and it was actually for this reason that the Khamis-Roche method was developed.

Calculate Height From Height Percentile

Another method is to calculate height percentile and then check that same height percentile for adults. Similarly, there are also growth charts for analyzing height, but that’s a topic for another article.

Height Calculation Methods Summary

While a height calculator may be useful, it is not intended for cases where an underlying height related disorder or syndrome may be present. Additionally, these methods have generally been developed for white American children and thus some prediction accuracy may be lost for other populations. In actuality, a pediatrician or endocrinologist is the best resource when it comes to understanding a child’s height. For further reading, you might check out some of the books below.

[1] Predicting adult stature without using skeletal age: the Khamis-Roche method.

How Tall will I be at a Certain Age?

One way to get an estimate of how tall you will be at a certain age is to use growth charts. Note though that growth happens irregularly, and so predictions can be off. The calculated height at various ages in the results section is based off of CDC growth charts. It is just adjusted to the height prediction method selected.

107 thoughts on “Height Calculator: How Tall Will I Be?

    • Tall Sam

      These calculators are just approximate, plus or minus a few inches, but either way sounds like she will be very tall!

  • Kristian Mejer Hunderup

    i put in my saved stats from when i was 14, and it hit the mark straight on, so yeah its an approximate, but im my case a pretty damn good one

    • Tall Sam

      Nice. My height while I was growing up was marked on a doorway but then it got painted over. Still have a picture, but that might be a bit tricky to extrapolate!

    • Kristian Mejer Hunderup

      i have a few stages of growing up where my height got inprinted on my brain, at 13 when i got a new passport photo. and at 14 when i had my confirmation. but i only remember the height, the weight i had to estimate

    • Matt Paulson

      Yep, I’d have to ask my parents for how tall I was at a younger age for the first one, not feasible at this hour

    • Tall Sam

      The second one isn’t influenced by which genes where actually inherited nor their expression nor environmental factors thus far in a child’s life, so it can be way off. It was way off for me too.

  • Margie Halloran

    Hmm, the one with the child’s known height and weight predicted me at 6’11”. The one with mom and dads height alone said I would be 5’9″. I’m 6’4″, and I call BS on this calculator…

  • Grace Gniazdowska

    My parents were not very tall, my father was 6′ and my mom is 5’7 but all my uncles on my father’s side and their children, including girls were very tall. My father’s oldest brother was 2 meters.

  • Matthias Carl-Friedrich Wilhelm Kellermann

    Useless, put my own details in aged 9. Apparently I would be 6’9″! I ended up 6’4″.

  • zeeshan

    Hii excellent website.
    One Question
    How you set properly featured page images in home page? I am using this template but the feature page images cropping not set properly

    • Tall Sam Post author

      I’ve heard that can be an issue. I would upgrade to a different slider if you are having problems. I will be using Master Slider at some point probably.

  • Ian McMullen

    My mom is 5’3″ and my dad is 5’7″ and it said I’m gonna be 6’1″ I’m a male so it makes more sense

  • anon anon

    wait, so according to the first one, I should be about 5.9 and the second one says I’ll only be about 5.5…which one do you think is more accurate? I mean i could just be fat and thats why its tall but IDK

  • lerenso

    according to this calculator i should be 5’9 (1st) one
    and 5’8.5 (2nd) one. im currently 13 weigh 102 (approx) and am 4’11-5’0 hope i grow all other classmates are tall!

  • Malte

    Im supposed to be 184 and im 14,5 right now. Is it possible to become any taller than that?

  • mjohnsy181

    The first one said I will be 172.9 cm and the second one said I will be 161.1 cm so I don’t know which one to believe. It said the first one was more accurate, which I believe to be more logical as it has you put in your age and your current height.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused as I’m 18 and I’m only 5 foot 7 and I’m meant to 5 foot 11.5 inches, Can you tell me whats going on?

      • Hamza

        Hey buddy im currently 14.3 years old i put in 14.5 years old and 35 lbs i ak 5″4 so i put that in and my mom is 5″4 as well i put that in my dad is 5″7 i put that in im a male then i calculated it sayd 5″9 i will be glad i will get 5″9 but is it true???

  • Jamie bot

    Predicted adult height: 336cm
    I said my mum was 164cm and my dad 172cm
    Did they really just add their heights together?
    Okay then..

    • Tall Sam Post author

      When I put 164 and 172 into the second calculator, I get 174.4 cm… maybe try again?

  • Alex

    My predicted height is 6’3.5″, I really hope this happens. I just turned 14 and I’m 5’7″, I just started my growth spurt

  • Anonymous

    According to this my twin daughters will be 6ft 7inces?!? They are tall but 6ft 7 that is an extreme

  • Anonymous

    the first one says ill be 189.9(6.2-3) while the second one says ill be 181(5.11),by the way am 13.7 and 5.7
    my mother is 5.6 and father 5.11-6 ft. which one do u think is more reliable

    • Tall Sam Post author

      Given one has all the right numbers entered, the first height calculator will be more accurate.

  • Anonymous

    According to the first calculator, it said that I will be about 6.2 to 6.3 . I am currently 13 and 5.7 and 64 kg. Is this accurate or not?

  • shreyarajaram444

    I’m 12 and I’m 152 cm’I used the first one and I got 177.8 cm,but my parents are really short.My mom is 153 cm and my dad is 165 cm.

  • Zachary

    Hi my names is Zachary I’m only 5″3 and I’m only 16 years old I was wondering is there any chance that I will continue growing

  • Ashish Gulaguli

    The first calculator said i will be 6’2″ while the second said i will be 5’7.5″!But for the present i have already crossed 5’7.5″.I am somewhere between 5’8″ and 5’9″

  • Ian Williams

    This thing says I’ll be 5’11.5 but I’m hoping it’s wrong cuz I kinda wanna be at least 6’1

  • Tayson Greene

    Yeah, IDK if its right but it said I’d be 6’8 which seems accurate to me as I am 6’2 at 14

  • Lelthelel

    so my mom is 163cm(5foot 4) and father 174.5( 5 foot 9 basically) and im 176 at age 15.5 and weight like 170 pounds so what height can i reach like do i have a good chance to reach 183cm(6foot tall) the only thing that i havent got yet from puberty is a deep voice and chest hair and i still dont shave cause i dont have a beard and my face looks like im 13-14 do i have a good chance at reaching 6 foot tall

  • Shania Campbell

    I’m 15 and i’m 5’8 but my mom is 5’4 and my dad is 6’2 and the thing said I’ll be 5’10 and the second one said 5’6

  • Lisa Loffelmacher

    I just did this for both my kids. I used their height when they where 4. My son is almost 19 and he is 6’6 which is exactly the height predicted. When I put in my daughter who is 13, I entered her height at 4 and currently. It gave me 6’1 which is the same height we have been told by doctors. She is currently 5’71/2. I wish I had my information from when I was a kid so I could see if my results are accurate.

  • Eve Talbott

    Wow! I know that I might be a little bit shorter or taller, but it said when I’m a adult I would be 5’10.6! I was always told that I would be short because my parents are, so this made my day!

  • Kailey

    I have a question, I used the top calculator and got 5’11.6 but then o used the bottom one and I got 5’3, and I’m already 5’2 and only just a pre teen, so which calculator should I trust more?

    • Tall Sam Post author

      The top calculator tends to be more accurate, but it to is subject too is just an approximation.

  • piter

    I am 14 years old and im 180 cm tall this calculator says that I will be 193.I hope so ot would be like that cuz im into basketball

  • Angelo Jamil

    I put in my details on every i coukd find height calculator and apparently I will be 6’1 to 6’4.

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