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Please enter a height into the height calculator below and press the calculate button.

Please note that the results are predictions for a statistical average and do not apply to anyone in particular. For more information, click on the various section titles.

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9 thoughts on “Height Calculator

  • Tall girl 12

    I hateeeeeee being tall. It’s sooo hard being a 12 year old girl and being 5 5 ALREADY!!! Like am I gonna be 6 ft tall?!?!?!? I also hate when people say yeah 5 9 but your probably gonna be taller then me and when you are taller than your teachers!!!! It’s soooooo weird!!!! I just wish I’m not gonna grow anymore!!!!plzzzzzzz

  • Tall boy for my age.

    No problems. I entered everything in and I got 6ft 8.6”. I am already 6ft and I turned 13 five days ago. Can’t wait to continue my reign of being the youngest and the tallest out of all the people around me in public and in my year at school. As far as I know I am joint 2nd tallest with about 6 other people in my year and I am the 2nd youngest in my year as well. I absolutely love being tall and young at he same time. I love to see people’s expressions when they find out I am one of the tallest in my year and the youngest as well.

    • TallBoi


      Yeah, you’re deeeeeeeeeeeeeeefinetly 6ft and a 13 year old


  • TallBoi

    I don’t understand what happened here, but at my current age I am 166cm and I’m 12, I weigh 40kg (88lbs) and my mother is 5’5 and my father 6’2.

    When I set it into metric, it said I was going to be 88cm? When I set it to imperial I am going to be 6’5? I do not understand????

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