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Hoodies have to be just about the most versatile clothing, especially the pocketed, zip-up variety. When you want to be warm and dry, the hood and pockets are ideal. When you want to cool off, just unzip. The hood can also keep mosquitoes at bay. And in the event you wish to remain inconspicuous, something tall people suck at, the hoodie is there for you. If your reason for hiding makes you nervous, you can always chew on the strings. And when you tire of all this, the hood can even become a kind of makeshift pillow.

But hoodies for tall skinny guys can be hard to find. Until recently, that is! In just the last few years, three different niche tall men’s clothing companies have launched their own hoodies for tall skinny guys. I’ve tried out hoodies from all of them. For your reference, I’m 6′7″ and 215 lbs. My thoughts are below.

American Tall

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American Tall offers the most number of sizes of tall men’s hoodies out there. They have small tall all the way up to 3XL tall. So these can be hoodies for tall skinny guys as well as big and tall guys. And, on top of that, they also do extra tall! The large extra tall fits me best. Currently these hoodies are available in black, light grey, and dark grey, though likely they will be adding more colors. The material is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The style is pretty much as classic as you can get and the quality is excellent. The standard price is $55. I reviewed their hoodies in a bit more detail here: American Tall Hoodie Review
Tall Men's Hoodies by American Tall
Three Colors of Tall Men's Hoodies by American Tall

Tall Slim Tees

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Tall Slim Tees, the maker of the ultimate t-shirt for tall skinny guys, also does hoodies. And these too will fit the tall skinny among us as they start at small tall. I prefer the medium tall. These hoodies are made 100% from cotton with the inside having a fleecy kind of feel. They are somewhat thicker than typical hoodies particularly in the double layered hood, giving them a high quality feel. They come in a wide variety of colors to match just about any outfit. The standard price for these tall men’s hoodies is $50.
tall hoodies for tall skinny guys
Colors of Hoodies for Tall Men by Tall Slim Tees


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This third option is a really interesting one. Navas is based out of Vancouver Canada, and they actually manufacture their clothes there! Besides having tall friendly sizes, their hoodies in general are some of the most original out there. They have fascinating textures, unique stitch lines, and numerous clever pockets. They also use some really interesting materials, including bamboo. And some of their hoodies are actually more like spring or fall tall men’s jackets. Their sizing isn’t as comprehensive as that of the two brands above, but I nevertheless found the XLT an excellent fit for my tall slim build. The local manufacturing, premium materials, and varied styles does add up though, so be prepared to pay somewhat more for these tall men’s hoodies.
Navaslab Hicks Blue Tall Men's Hoodie
Tall Men's Hoodies by Navas

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