Tall Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys: Another Tall Slim Tees Hit 6

Below is a review of Tall Slim Tees’ (TST) recently launched tall hoodies for tall skinny guys (5% coupon code: Tall).

Hoodies have to be just about the most versatile clothing, especially the pocketed, zip-up variety. When you want to be warm and dry, the hood and pockets are ideal. When you want to cool off, just unzip. The hood can also keep mosquitoes at bay. And in the event you wish to remain inconspicuous, something tall people suck at, the hoodie is there for you. If your reason for hiding makes you nervous, you can always chew on the strings. And when you tire of all this, the hood can even become a kind of makeshift pillow.

Everyone needs a hoodie, including tall people. And that’s where TST comes into the picture. They have taken their tall skinny guy fitting model from their highly praised T-shirts for tall skinny men and applied it to tall hoodies for tall skinny guys. This was combined with high quality materials and a classic hoodie design. They kindly gave me a couple samples to try.

tall hoodies for tall skinny guys

My thoughts? They nailed it.

And this isn’t coming from a hoodie newbie, but rather a tall guy who wears hoodies as a staple, a guy who puts hoodies through their paces until they are faded, tattered, and the strings all chewed out.

Once again, I find my 215 lb and 6′7″ tall self straddling the margin between the TST medium and large sizes. The grey one above is medium. Both are great but I like the medium a bit more.

tall hoodies for tall skinny guys extra long

5% Coupon: Tall

TST has also just launched a generic white undershirt. What's unique about it, besides being for tall skinny guys, is the Audel 95% cotton 5% spandex material blend. This is a soft material that drapes nicely.

White undershirts for tall people

After the hoodies for tall guys, Tall Slim Tees plans to continue with the classics. This will include polo shirts, dress shirts, athletic shirts, and sweaters, all for tall men. One great product after another, they are building our brand.


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