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American Tall


Niche brands have done a great job with the basic clothes for tall slim men: T-shirts, button-ups, hoodies, jeans, chinos. It’s only the more specialized clothing that’s been missing, like tall slim athletic pants. But with their recent additions, American Tall now has us covered there too: Tall Slim Joggers, Training and Sweatpants for Tall Skinny Guys. They sent me a bunch of stuff to try out.

Tall Slim Joggers, Training and Sweatpants for Tall Skinny Guys

American Tall

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I’ll start with the training pants, which I’m wearing with one of their tall slim workout shirts in the photo below. As someone who’s played a lot of sports, I’ve also bought a lot of training pants. And it’s always been an infuriating experience. Finding anything long and slim enough was virtually impossible (I’m 6′7″ and 215 lbs). But now with their latest release, American Tall has our backs. Tall slim guys will appreciate these for basketball, volleyball, track, and just about any sport.

Tall Slim Training Pants for Tall Skinny Guys

These tall slim athletic pants come in black and navy blue and in both relaxed and tapered fit. The relaxed fit makes for better warm-up pants as you can take them off without first removing your shoes (the ankle zipper helps with this). The tapered fit is perhaps trendier. I got the relaxed fit in large tall. If you normally wear an inseam of 38″ or 40″, you’ll want the extra tall. That’s right, they come in extra tall!

Athletic Training Pants for Tall Slim Men

As far as material, it’s a mix of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. So there’s just a tiny bit of stretch. The fabric is light-weight yet feels strong. I also found it keeps it’s form nicely so it doesn’t over accentuate my skinny legs ๐Ÿ™‚

Now on to the tall slim sweatpants for tall skinny guys. These can be worn in the same ways as the training pants. But they also make for comfortable pants for just hanging out or even as tall slim pajama pants for tall skinny guys (note: they also have actual pajama pants for tall slim men). They’re just about as classic of sweatpants as you can get: cuffs, drawstring, and pockets. The material is 70% cotton and 30% polyester and the colors available right now are grey, charcoal, black, and navy blue. The sizing is the same as for the tall slim training pants.

Extra Long Sweatpants for Tall Skinny Guys

Very similar to the sweatpants are the tall slim joggers for tall skinny guys. They’re somewhat more stylish via extra stitching and some handy zippered pockets and a back pocket too. They’re made of the same material as the tall slim sweatpants and are available in black and charcoal.

Joggers for Tall Skinny Guys

These are just some of the new items American Tall has added to their collection. To see what else is new, check out their new arrivals section. The founders are working virtually around the clock to build the most comprehensive collection of tall slim men’s clothes on the planet. Let’s cheer them on!

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5 thoughts on “Tall Slim Joggers, Training and Sweatpants for Tall Skinny Guys

  • Anonymous

    My 16 year old is 6′ 1 1/4″ and weighs 120 lbs. He is a broomstick and I cannot find pants long and skinny enough for him. Do you have or know of somewhere for his size?

    Thank you,

    • HkyMom

      My son 15 yr old and he is 6โ€™4โ€ (135lb). When he was shorter (ha!) we started with American Eagle. You can order โ€œtallโ€ pants online – I believe only online. We always have trouble with the waist fitting but weโ€™re able to get by with the 30โ€ x 36โ€ if he wore a belt. ProblemI found, however, is that the inseam was not always 36โ€. Often it was shorter. Also, keep in mind people carry their height differently – long torso vs long legs. Another store that I just purchased jeans and khakis from is The Buckle. They actually have quite a large selection online. They had many different styles, cuts and colors and were affordable. We purchased from the โ€œJakeโ€ line. My son really wants adidas-type joggers and I have yet to find those. Good Luck! The struggle is real!!!

      • Thehammaam

        We’re on the hunt for 29″ x 36″ for a 15 year old who carries all his height in his legs. I just order some from J C Penney (jeans & khakis) but would also love tall athletic pants that don’t swallow him in the waist. This is new territory as I’m only 5’4″!

        • Sam

          We just ordered tall athletic pants online from Old Navy. My 15 year-old son is 6’4″ – (long legs) – and 140. The medium tall were actually tight on his super-skinny calves, so we had to go with the large tall and use the draw string on the waist. Haven’t washed them yet – so we’ll see. We have had luck at Buckle for jeans (more $ than I like to spend because he is still growing,) but the best deal we got was at Hollister. They have skinny jeans in 36″ lengths – so the fit is about “regular” on my skinny kid. Right now they are on sale for $25 (free shipping), but we’ve got them as cheap as $20. If you sort by 36″ length they will show you the styles available. I think 30″ waist is the smallest available in the 36″ inch length, but it worked for my son because he wore them a little lower. Washed them many times and had minimal shrinkage.
          Certain styles of adidas ran taller and we actually found an adidas medium-tall on-line that worked well. For shirts, we can get away with “long-line” styles at H&M or Hollister.