Too Tall to See the Traffic Light 13

If I wasn’t so tall, I wouldn’t have gotten this traffic ticket.

It was a rather official looking brown envelope. Tearing it open in expectation of some bill or other, I was surprised to find a picture of me driving in my car… entering a red lit intersection. Reading the text of the letter revealed that in exactly 0.3 seconds after that light turned red, my car entered the intersection, and thus I must pay the city $325. Just like evidence in the famed instant replays of modern sports, the situation was indisputable.

Tall People Can't see Red Lights Because of Low Car Rooflines

May look funny, but it is a real problem!

So, my fault you’re thinking, serves me right. Well, here is the scary truth: Like many other red lights, I never saw it! My vision line was cut off by the roof of my car! I’m just grateful this issue has never caused me to get in an accident.

Tall People Can't see Red Lights

There must be 10 of these in my city, and 6 were on my daily route.

My first instinct was to describe my predicament to the judge and ask for mercy. Then I came to my senses; a sane judge would be more likely to suspend my license than to give me a break. Instead, I searched for solutions to the problem. The best I found was the Fresnel lens in the image link below. Also, the best cars for tall people have a high Vision Line Height is also a big help. Check out some other solutions here: traffic light solutions for tall people.

Has your height ever gotten you in trouble, traffic ticket or otherwise?

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