Long Polos for Tall Skinny Guys

Long polos for tall skinny guys used to be tricky to find. Nowadays though, there are a lot of sources. And while these include some big brands, the best are the niche companies. I’ve personally tried out long polos from three such companies. In fact, I wear long polos from all three on a regular basis. On this page, I’ll share some more of my thoughts. FYI, I’m 6′7″ and 215 lbs.

Tall Slim Tees

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Tall Slim Tees’ (TST) recently launched their tall mens polos. They’re based off the same popular tall men’s specific fitting model as their t-shirts. The material is also similar, but with a bit more cotton (65% cotton, 35% polyester). This helps get more of the traditional polo look though still a nice form fitting drape. Of the three companies listed on this page, TST has the largest color selection. As usual, medium is my preferred size from TST.
Long Polos for Tall Skinny Guys Light Blue TSTLong Polos for Tall Skinny Guys Navy Blue TST

Six-8 Clothing

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Six-8 Clothing Company has an entirely different take on the tall mens polo. It is made from 100% cotton, making it virtually unstrechable. It has to be one of the stiffest, moss rugged shirts, I have ever worn. Minimal stretch would be an issue if the fit wasn’t right. But Six-8 has their sizing nailed down for tall skinny guys like myself. The polos come in both tall and extra tall. For myself, I definitely need the extra tall in large. You can read more about Six-8 Clothing Company here: Six-8 Clothing Company.
Long Polos for Tall Skinny Guys White Six8

Cleaner Brighter

Cleaner Brighter’s take on long polos for tall skinny guys falls somewhere between the other two. They use 95% cotton. But instead of polyester for the second material, they go with spandex. And a little bit of spandex goes a long way, giving a surprising amount of form fitting stretch. I reviewed their polos in a bit more detail here: Cleaner Brighter. I found their size large fits me best.
Green Tall Mens Polo by Cleaner Brighter

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