Sweaters for Tall Slim Men

I plan to list a variety of sweaters for tall slim men on this page. For starters though, below is my favorite, Long John & Son’s (LJ&S) acid knit sweater for tall slim men. It’s available in navy, khaki, and vintage burgundy and black.

Long John & Son’s

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Rugged Sweaters for Tall Slim Men

More so than other clothes, sweaters are a problem for us tall slim men. This is because they tend to shrink more than other types of clothing. If you wash and dry a sweater and a t-shirt, the sweater is probably going to shrink quite a bit more. I figure this is why I’ve never been much of a sweater fan. Popular brands have sold tall options for quite some time. To get enough length I order large tall or even extra large tall. But this is baggy for my tall slim frame. And then I wash it and it becomes too short too. And oddly, it’s still too baggy.

In the past I’ve actually resorted to a stretching method where I put a sweater on a hanger and clamp boards to the bottom of the sweater. This stretches it in the length more than the girth. Getting it wet helps. But it’s a pain to set up. And it just seems wrong that we have to resort to such mid-evil tactics on our sweaters.

But we don’t have to anymore! This clothing problem, like so many others we tall slim men face, has been solved by LJ&S. They offer tall and even EXTRA tall from medium to 2XL. I’m 6’7 and 215 lbs with a somewhat long torso, and their large tall fit me best. If I planned on ever putting it in the drier, I might have gone with extra tall.

Sweaters for Tall Slim Men

As you can see, the fit is excellent on me. Note that in the front shot I’m wearing the sweater a bit higher than in the back and side view, just to show how it can sit differently depending on your preference.

Besides the fit, I really like the sweater in general. It has an exceptionally rugged look and feel to it, which is exactly what LJ&S is going for. The contrasting knit patterns across the neck, shoulders, and cuffs give it a very authentic, tried a true appearance. The 100% cotton is sturdy and should last a long time.

Now I can finally look forward to sweater weather!

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