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Gifts for tall people can be tricky to find. Wander the mall, for instance, and you’ll come across a bunch of clothes that won’t fit us. But clothing issues are just the tip of the iceberg as all manner of objects that tall people interact with aren’t designed for us. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or whatever, help a tall person out by getting them a present to help combat this predicament. Below are some top gift ideas for tall people, with a wide range of prices, that do just that.

Gifts for Tall People: Ideas

1. Extra Long Ties

There was a time when short ties were in fashion. That time is long past. Save your tall person a fashion faux pas and get them an extra long tie. You might check out this long tie post first.

63″ and 70″ Extra Long Ties for Tall People, Various Colors and Styles

2. Shower Head Extensions

Low shower heads are one of the greatest gripes of tall people. The shower head extensions below are the gifts that keep giving as every morning they will be grateful for not having to slouch to wash their hair. Shower heads can also be raised with shower head bars.

16″ Shower Head Extension Arm
Low-High Shower Head Combo
Double Pivot Raised Showerhead

3. Tall Women’s Clothing

When you’re looking to buy clothes as gifts for tall women, skip the mall. The vastly better online options are American Tall, Long Tall Sally, and ASOS’s tall line. See some more options here: tall women’s clothing.

Clothes-for-Tall-Slim-Women-By-American-Tall         Tall Women's Clothing         ASOS Clothes for Tall Slim Men

4. Tall Men’s Clothing

There is no tall men’s online clothing store as big as Long Tall Sally. However, there are some excellent smaller one’s that together provide a lot of options. Check some out below and see more on the tall men’s clothing page.

Clothes for Tall Slim Men by Tall Slim Tees         Clothes for Tall Slim Men By American Tall         Clothes for Tall Slim Men By Navas


5. Air Travel Aids for Tall People

Air travel is major pain for tall people. While you can’t fix the whole legroom problem, there are a few travel aids that can make tall travelers’ lives easier. Extra tall neck pillows and lumbar supports can help support our long spines. And luggage handle extensions make it possible to pull our suitcases without them bouncing off our heels. These make for great gifts for tall people, particularly around the holidays when we’re traveling a lot.

Tall Neck Support Travel Pillow
Luggage Handle Extension
Embrace Air Inflatable Lumbar Support

6. Tall Life the Book

Books make for fantastic gifts. And what better book to get a tall person than a book about tall life? The topics covered include Evolution, Scaling, Spine, Manufactured, Ergonomics, Growth, Longevity, and Society. Tall Life is available in both e-book and paperback. But if your tall person has already read it or you’re just looking for something a bit different, there are plenty of other height related books out there.

Tall Life

7. Tall Office Chairs

Both tall people and desk workers are at increased risk of back pain. Combine the two, add in a poorly fitting chair, and you have a recipe for chronic back pain. Some chairs are better than others. But as far as I know, the only tall person specific office chair is the BodyBilt Stretch shown below. Another good option is the Herman Miller Aeron in size large; a lot of tall people swear by it. Of course these are some pretty pricey gifts for tall people. If you want the best bang for the buck, the extra large 4″ casters below attach to most office chairs to make them more tall friendly. You can read more here: Office Chairs for Tall People.

4″ Casters to Raise Office Chair
Large Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair
BodyBilt Stretch J2509 Tall Office Chair

8. Car Aids for Tall People

If you thought office chairs were bad for tall people, cars are even worse! Both the risk of accidents and the severity of injuries in accidents are increased. Hopefully your tall person drives one of the more tall friendly cars out there. Either way though, there are a few aids that can improve matters. My personal favorite is this brilliant device called Light In Sight. It is a Fresnel lens that suctions to your window and enables tall people to see traffic lights that were ordinarily blocked by the car roof. Other useful gifts for tall people include the seat rail extensions below that allow them more legroom. Read more here: Best Cars for Tall People.

Fresnel Lens to See Traffic Lights
Car Seat Rail Extensions for More Legroom

9. Extra Wide Clothes Hangers

Because of taller peoples’ wider shoulders, our clothes don’t sit well on standard hangers, stretching the cloth and giving the appearance of an unhealthy growth. Luckily, their are extra wide hangers available. Or, if you have some time on your hands, you might take a shot at making some customized copper hangers.

22″ Super Extra Large Clothes Coat Hangers
Extra Wide 22.8″ Bamboo Clothing Hangers

10. Camping Gear for Tall People

Does your tall person like to go camping? If so, they’ll like it even more if their feet don’t hang out the tent entrance while they shiver with a sleeping bag at their armpits! The sleeping bag and tent below both make awesome gifts for tall people. Extra long trekking poles are another fine gift idea. See tents for tall people and ultralight backpacking gear for tall people for more ideas.

Extra Long Trekking Poles 61″ (155cm)
100″ Big Johnson Sleeping Bag
Extra Long Lunar Solo Tent 90″ (229cm)

11. Extra Long Golf Clubs

Though we tall people aren’t known for our golfing prowess, we nevertheless enjoy a round of golf as much as the next person. The problem is, though, that standard golf clubs are too short for us. Below are a couple options for extra long golf club sets that make for fine gifts for tall people. Also below is the granddaddy of drivers. It is so long it is actually illegal in the USGA (their rules are biased against tall people!). If you want to learn more about stature and club length, check out Golf Clubs for Tall People.

+1.5″ Tall AGXGOLF Senior Men’s Magnum Edition Complete Golf Club Set
Juggernaut Golf Driver Extra Long +3 (USGA Illegal)″
AGXGOLF +2 Clubs

12. Furniture Lifts

Tall people often find beds, couches, tables, and other furniture to be too low. Of course, you can find taller furniture out there, but a cheaper and quicker fix is to use furniture lifts. An added bonus of bed lifts—and actually the intended purpose—is you can store more things under the bed.

Table Raiser Lifts
RaiseIt Furniture Raisers
Mahogany Bed and Furniture Lifts

13. Extra Long Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way for tall people to counteract the spine compacting influence of our relatively short man-made world, improve posture, and reduce back pain. Encourage your tall yogi with a yoga mat long enough for their tall body, and maybe a mat towel too.

Manduka Pro 85″ Yoga Mat
Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel, Thunder, 80″
Inexpensive Extra Large 84″ by 36″ Yoga Mat

14. Extra Long Skipping Rope

Skipping is a great way to stay in shape. But when the tall person’s skipping rope keeps whacking them in the head and tripping them, it can be really frustrating. The solution is an extra long skipping rope. The ropes below all make for excellent gifts for tall people.

14′ Double Dutch Skipping Rope
Aluminium Handle 11′ Skipping Rope
11′ Plastic Handle Skipping Rope

15. Cycling Things for Tall People

Another activity great for helping tall people stay in shape, but with lower impact on our joints, is cycling. For a relatively inexpensive cycling for tall people gift, consider cycling clothes or components like a handlebar riser. If you have the cash though, the Flite 747 or BNT 29er are bikes designed specifically for tall people.

Extra Long 450mm Seat Post
Handle Bar Raiser
KHS BNT 29er Mountain Bike for Tall People
KHS BNT 29er
KHS Flite 747 Road Bike for Tall People
KHS Flite 747

16. My Giant Life

This is a BBC reality TV series about really tall women. I think they made the show only about women because of the additional social issues tall women face over tall men. It isn’t exactly the most intellectually stimulating show, but it nevertheless is the most spotlight tall stature has ever gotten. The stars of the show demonstrate perseverance through all their trials and tribulations, making for some useful role models for tall young women. It’s also just plain entertaining at times.

My Giant Life Season 1
My Giant Life Season 2
My Giant Life Season 3

Good luck with your shopping, hopefully this post helped you find some great gifts for tall people. Please don’t forget to tell your tall person about Tall.Life!

And for more ideas, see the 2018 Gifts for Tall People List

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