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The issue of low kitchen countertops has come up a couple times here on Tall Life. The solutions discussed include custom built kitchens, raised cutting boards, and raised islands. The problem with all of these solutions though is that the resulting height will probably not be ideal for all of your home’s occupants, and in some cases may even detract from resale value. In light of these shortcomings, there is yet another tall solution I’d like to mention, and that is the adjustable height kitchen island.

Tall Problems: Low Kitchen Range Hood

Adjustable height kitchen islands range in cost from dirt cheap to ludicrously expensive. Let’s begin with an example of the latter by Team7. In addition to accommodating multiple statures, this sleek contraption can double as a breakfast table and even a pub style table. As you watch the video below, your thoughts might go from something along the lines of, “Best invention ever!” to, “Maybe when I win the lottery…”. Sadly, these ultra luxury adjustable height kitchen islands probably cost about as much as a cheap new car. But if you have the cash, it would be pretty awesome to touch a button and have your kitchen island stealthily glide to your ideal working height.

There are less expensive designs out there though. Just do a search for “adjustable height kitchen island” and you will come across all sorts. If you are wondering how these work, most are built with a lift system such as the one in the image link below.

Motorized Lift System: 16″ Stroke

Another option is to repurpose adjustable height surfaces from other applications. For example, you could repurpose a sit-stand desk. Even cheaper though would be to repurpose an adjustable height workbench as these are fairly common. Given workbenches are often used by crafty people, it is no wonder that there are so many clever DIY adjustable height workbenches out there. Some of these designs could be used to build an adjustable height kitchen island. People have used bicycle parts, truck jacks, scissor jacks, and many other parts to build these. Me personally, I’ve got a pneumatic cylinder concept I might try out some day. Check out the below video for some inspiration.

Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk: 30.6″ to 50.6″
Trailer Jack
24″ Scissor Jack

What are your thoughts? Think you might get an adjustable height kitchen island or perhaps have a clever idea how to build one?

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12 thoughts on “Adjustable Height Kitchen Island

  • Eileen Haas-Linde

    My old roommates mom (6’4″) had all of her kitchen appliances on blocks. I felt like I was four years old every time I went to her house!

  • Karen Leet

    When we remodeled, we raised our cabinets by putting them on 2x4s and covered wood with base molding. Works like a charm. No one knows.

  • Pretty Long

    Yeah, we came across this also. Perfect solution. I had to pin-it to my dream home board. Definitely a large investment, but if you’re planning to have big kids also – it might be worth the splurge.

  • Erica Wilder

    Awesome if dual height household. Last house did 39″ and if I built again I would put them at 40″ or even higher as bending into the sink to do dishes bites…aka pots and pans.

  • Jen Ryan

    A few years ago I popped out my SI joint (and boy did that hurt) and needed a low cost solution to raise the kitchen sink. I could only work at the sink while standing straight. No half-splits or leaning forward in the slightest. I designed a light, wooden, removable frame that held two dishpans, with handles & drains, that sat over the sink (similar to a breakfast tray in bed) and raised the counter about 7″. Also, had a center opening in the frame for the pull out sink faucet, so I could easily fill the dishpans. Happy to share pics.