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Standard dining room tables are too short for us tall people. So we end up slouching to avoid an awkwardly large mouth to plate chasm. The “elbows off the table” doctrine doesn’t help, either. And if you get a tall table for tall people, it’s too tall for other people. I’ve tried solving this by sitting a bit cross legged at a lower chair and even with a kind of raised placemat. These are both pretty crude solutions.

The better solution I’d like to propose is inspired by how we put young children in high chairs; I want to put all the average people in high chairs, essentially. You might be thinking I’m nuts right about now. We’re going to build super sized high chairs for average people?!

We don’t have to. They are actually quite common. They’re called pub chairs and are used with pub tables.

Tall Table for Tall People

So the idea is for average height people to use pub chairs as intended, while we tall people use a chair of our own choosing or maybe just shorten the legs on a pub chair. Whatever it takes to get those elbows a bit below eating height… The following are some tall table options.

Basic 36″ Pub Table
40″ Pub Table
36″ Pub Table Set

If you already have a table you like and just want to make it a tad taller, there are always furniture lifts for this purpose.

As for me, my girlfriend has wanted to make a farmhouse style table for a while now. I agreed on one condition: We make it tall! We settled on 33″ tall and coupled this with different height bench and chairs. It isn’t exactly as ideal as the setup I described above, but a reasonable compromise. It’s also a lot better than the crazy raised placemat (slightly raised cutting board essential) I used to use when my back was really bad. She got the plans from Ana-White. Of course we tweaked them to get a tall table. The project was fairly straightforward, though it would have been nice to have had a Kreg Jig

So, what do you think of this tall table concept? Will average height people be offended when we sit them in high chairs at our tall tables?

DIY Tall Table for Tall People

Buidling DIY Tall Table for Tall People

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