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Tall people can be tricky to shop for. The usual go to Christmas gift ideas for tall people of clothing rarely works out, leading to pesky returns. But clothing issues are just the tip iceberg as all manner of objects that tall people interact with are not designed for them. This Christmas, help a tall person out by getting them a gift to help combat this predicament. Below are some top Christmas gift ideas that do just that.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Tall People

1. Shower Head Extensions

Low shower heads are one of the greatest gripes of tall people. These simple extensions are the gifts that keep giving as every morning they will be grateful for not having to duck (as much) to wash their hair. You might want to check out some other bathroom stuff for tall people too. Shower heads can also be raised with shower head bars.


2. Extra Long Ties

There was a time when short ties were in fashion. That time is long past. Save your tall person a fashion faux pas and get them an extra long tie. You might check out this long tie post first.


3. Luggage Handle Extension

People do a lot of traveling at Christmas and one of the biggest pains is dragging luggage through the airport. Whats an even bigger pain is having to hunch over to grasp the luggage handle while the suitcase bounces off your heel each step you take. Save your tall person from this frustration with this handy handle extension. You might check out some other handle extensions too.


4. Tall Life the Book

Books make fantastic Christmas gifts. And what better book to get a tall person than a book about tall life? The topics covered include Evolution, Scaling, Spine, Manufactured, Ergonomics, Growth, Longevity, and Society. Tall Life is available in both e-book and paperback. But if your tall person has already read it or you're just looking for something a bit different, there are plenty of other height related books out there.

 5. Traffic Light Lens

Now this is a truly brilliant product. You apply this Fresnel lens to your windshield (no adhesive required), and suddenly you can see traffic lights that are ordinarily blocked by the car's roof. No longer does the tall person have to hunch forward and crane their neck to see traffic lights. The full article is here: Fresnel Lens.

6. Tall Specific Clothes

I know, I already said clothes rarely work out. But that's because you probably got them at the mall! The alternative that does work out is online niche companies that cater specifically to tall people. Below are a couple fine options. For more, see tall men's clothing and tall women's clothing.

Clothes for Tall Slim Men by Tall Slim Tees         Clothes for Tall Slim Men By American Tall         Long Tall Sally


 7. Extra Wide Clothes Hangers

Because of taller peoples' wider shoulders, their clothes don't sit well on standard hangers, stretching the cloth and giving the appearance of an unhealthy growth. Luckily, their are 22" hangers available. If you have some time on your hands this Christmas, you might take a shot at making some customized copper hangers.


 8. Car Seat Rail Extensions

More than being simply uncomfortable, insufficient legroom in cars increases both the risk of and the severity of injuries that may result in accidents. Finally there is a company selling seat rail extensions for a variety of cars. This would make for an awesome Christmas gift for the tall person who just can't get enough legroom. Check out the full article for more info.


9. Extra Large Office Chair Casters (4")

Office chair seats are rarely high enough for tall people, which is a risk factor for low back pain. One solution is to raise the chair up by swapping out the 2" casters for some 4" casters. Keep in mind though that the desk should also go up, which can be done with desk raisers.

10. Extra Long Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great way for tall people to counteract the spine compacting influence of our relatively short man world and improve posture and reduce back pain. Encourage them this Christmas with a yoga mat long enough for their tall body, and maybe a mat towel too.


11. Extra Long Skipping Rope

Skipping is a great way to strengthen the body so that injuries become less likely. But when your skipping rope keeps whacking you in the head and tripping you, it can be a bit unproductive. The solution is an extra long skipping rope! Check out the ones below or do a DIY version.


12. Tall People Problems Poster

And finally, get a chuckle out of them with the top 10 tall people problems poster pdf.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping, hopefully this post helped you with some Christmas gift ideas for tall people. Don't forget to tell your tall person about Tall.Life!

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